The Flexible Periodization Method (FPM)

BODY (transformation):
Faster Results H.I.P Training Programs.

MIND (attitude):
Make the next program better. Make the next session better. 

SPIRIT (journey):
Exploring who we really are through physical exercise.

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I train all my runners and jumpers with the Flexible Periodization Method and their PRs just keep coming. The individual programs help them a lot and the best of my athletes are breaking into the top ten in their events in Sweden. I coach track and field in a multisport club and we are now working on integrating the FPM in the other sports, cross-country skiing, bike racing, racewalking and orienteering.
Stefan Simonsson

Achieve faster results with Holistic, Individualized, Periodized training programs

 Integrate the spiritual, mental, emotional and physical aspects of training
achieve faster results.

mind body specialist

Learn 12 ways of increasing the training stimulus without adding training time
to achieve faster results.

bodyweight specialist

Learn to teach the 3 Power Lifts and the 2 Olympic Lifts
from absolute scratch.

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The Flexible Periodization Method is the first method of periodization dedicated to the science and practice of creating Highly Individualized training Programs.



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