Strength Coaches and Personal Trainers
Use this Proven System to Confidently
Create Better Training Programs

BE SO GOOD clients won't train without you!

We are in competition with technology.

Where do your potential clients go to get training advice? 
Social media, online platforms (some of them powered by AI) 
or a personal trainer/strength coach? 

 Want to attract and keep ideal clients?

 Be better than the cost effective alternatives.


Attract/keep more clients through referrals from existing clients

Increase your fees and work less hours (if you want to)

Gain the skills to offer larger, yet personalized training packages 

Gain the skills to train athletes (if you want to)

Learn where all other programs and methods you know fit into a long-term plan

Increase the value of any other certification you earned

Improve the way you approach problems (valuable in any professional field) 

Access to one-on-one coaching (limited space)

Excel and pursue the FPM Instructor Training level (FPM Master Trainers)

Become a


I train all my runners and jumpers with the Flexible Periodization Method and their PRs just keep coming. The individual programs help them a lot and the best of my athletes are breaking into the top ten in their events in Sweden. I coach track and
field in a multisport club and we are now working on integrating the FPM in the
other sports, cross-country skiing, bike racing, racewalking and orienteering.

Stefan Simonsson

FPM Specialists include personal trainers, strength coaches, kinesiologists,
university students and Olympians.

FPM Specialists operate in 33+ countries around the planet. 

FPM Specialists train the average fitness clients, professional and Olympic athletes.




Choose your program. 

Call us if you have any questions.


Invest in the online version, virtual format or live workshop.


Take the multiple choice exam.


Do you offer CEC/CEU? 

 Flexible Periodization Method Specialists hold personal training and strength and conditioning distinctions through a multitude of organizations. As such, FPM courses fees allow room for you to petition your certifying organization. 

How do I maintain my distinction? 

Maintain your basic personal trainer or strength and conditioning certification (NSCA, ACSM, CPTN, etc.). There are no ongoing FPM CEC/CEU requirements. Your FPM distinction is valid as long as your basic certification is valid.

Periodization is too complicated, too time consuming, and may not work for my athletes. Is that true? 

We address common misconceptions about Periodization in this article. 

How do I get the most out of the FPM programs? 

When you register for an FPM course, you get complimentary email access to Karsten, the creator of The Flexible Periodization Method. This is an opportunity for you to ask pointed questions about the course material. 

Do you want to go deeper? Consider one-on-one coaching with Karsten (Exclusively for participants of the FPM Programs). 

How can periodization improve my business? 

Periodization helps to create longer, tailor-made training packages that work.
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Do I have to stop the way I currently make training programs? 

No. The FPM can be used in parts or as a whole. 

My clients only sign up for a few sessions or tend to miss workouts. Will periodization work for me? 

Yes. Check out this article for how periodization can benefit your situation.

Does the Flexible Periodization Method work for online training? 

 Yes. Check out this article for more info.

Personal trainers and strength coaches must offer a better service than their competitors' cost-effective alternatives to attract and keep clients. By applying the precision program design elements of The Flexible Periodization Method, trainers and coaches create excellent training experiences and satisfied clients who won't train without them.

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