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"If I had 8 hours to cut down a tree, I would spend 6 hours sharpening the axe."


Great class. I enjoyed it a lot. 
Alireza Roozbahani, CPTN-CPT

Any element of the training program is only justified by its contribution to the final result.

In The FPM Program Design Specialist PREPARE TO MOVE module you will learn principles, strategies and tactics to 

  • Help the athlete or fitness client learn or correct movements faster through optimal (not excessive) range of motion. 

  • Prevent overuse injuries by preparing the athlete or fitness client to move in the shortest amount of time possible 

  • Help that athlete or fitness client be motivated for session warm up and flexibility, through your ability to choose and explain the “why” behind exercises that the athlete really need

Attend a live workshop and experience the Pahlavandles and CrossCore.

Periodization of the warm up, cool down and recovery.

The first, only and most hands-on workshop that 
teaches you periodization of the warm up.

Victory Loves Preparation will show you how to: 

  • create a warm up that helps the athlete-client optimize readiness for the session in minimum time by showing the most effective execution of the exercises + integration of the mental components. 

  • help the athlete-client be more motivated to complete a systematic warm up by prescribing an exciting and challenging warm-up that is a unique fit for their individual needs. 

  • help the athlete-client achieve their overall goals faster by prescribing a warm-up that works synergistically with the content of the main practice.

One of 8 exercise tactics for a dynamic warm up with the Flexible Periodization Method
is exercises that involve multiple planes.

victory loves preparation excerpt.png

Karsten delivered again – as always – relevant information presented in a way that is easy to apply and implement. 
Mike MacKinnon, CPTN-CPT


The first, only and most hands on workshop that
teaches you periodization of flexibility fraining

Periodization of Flexibility will show you how to: 

  • help the athlete-client experience rapid improvements in movement skills faster by applying the optimal Periodization of Flexibility Training Methods

  • Help the athlete be more motivated for flexibility training by providing them with a flexibility, split program that is based on their individual needs as well as emphasizing the mental components of flexibility training. 

  • Help the athlete-client reach their overall objective faster by applying a flexibility training method that works synergistically with strength, power, speed or endurance training

I have found the Pelvic Rock with Tilt to be one of the most effective mobility exercises
to prepare for squats and deadlifts. Here is an upgraded version.

periodization of flexibility excerpt.png

Can I learn anything from the
FPM Program Design SpecialistBody Comp Module? 

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