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There is no substitute for greater muscular strength. 
The Importance of Muscular Strength In Athletic Performance – Sports Medicine 2018


I have learned a lot from reading The Flexible Periodization Method and it has been of great assistance to me in improving my own training as well as that of my clients.
Kirk Salmon, Certified Personal Trainer

In The FPM Program Design Strength Module you will learn principles, strategies and tactics to: 

  • Create faster improvements in the three qualities of strength by choosing a tempo, contraction type or range of motion that matches the overall goal of the program.

  • Create faster results – even if the client purchases only a few sessions – by identifying and using the most potent training method based on the client's training history and current goals.

  • Prevent overuse injuries and maximize performance through optimal changes in volume, intensity and progressive overload specific to the choosen training block.

Master the Selection of Repetition Tempo, Contraction Type and Range of Motion to Optimize the Training Effect of Any Exercise

The only place to learn the connection between repetition tempo, contraction type and range of motion

Your Top 3 benefits: 

  • Improved program efficiency by matching the tempo, contraction type or range of motion to the unique characteristics of the exercise.

  • Ability to create faster results for your athletes or fitness clients by matching the tempo, contraction type and range of motion to the specific exercise variation and one of the three qualities of strength.

  • Maximize results for your individual athlete or client by choosing a tempo, contraction type or range of motion that matches their training background, goals or minor injuries.

The start-stop tempo is an excellent example of a tempo that supports improvement in stability. However, the
start-stop tempo is not a good choice if the goal is to develop muscle mass or strength because the longer
time under tension for one rep requires the load to be decreased.

I found the course very insightful, a lot of good take aways.
Caroline Myzyk CPTN-CPT

Oshawa, ON

The Tempo Matrix information influences my training method in a very positive way. I look forward to attending more fundamental workshops.

Mani Massoudi, CPT
Toronto, ON

beyond sets and reps excerpt

MAXIMAL STRENGTH: How to Manifest Untapped Potential for Strength Using The Flexible Periodization Method. 

The only place to learn an integrated periodization of all the qualities of strength. 

Your Top 3 Benefits 

  • Create faster results for athletes and fitness clients by the ability to optimally progress the strength training program through the three qualities of strength

  • Keep athletes and clients motivated through increased ability to pick the exercise variations that match the overall goal of the strength program

  • Prevent plateaus in strength training by choosing from all 9 primary strength training tactics: cluster training, drop sets, training to failure, partial training, isometric training, supra maximal eccentric training, accommodating resistance training, contrast training and pyramid training.

The FPM considers auto-regulated cluster training to be one of
the single most important strategies in strength training.

McMaster University was privileged to have international speaker, Karsten Jensen, present topics on Periodization from his book to our Strength & Conditioning staff. Karsten's presentation was well-researched and backed by years of practical success. The presentation was perfect for staff from an academic institution and we look forward to having Karsten back in the near future.
Steve Lidstone - Strength & Conditioning Coordinator
McMaster University

maximal strength excerpt

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