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The Flexible Periodization Method


Learn to teach the 3 Power Lifts and the 2 Olympic Lifts from Absolute Scratch
(even without the need for special shoes, bumper plates, and dropping the bar)

Karsten is a true technician and perfectly teaches the proper technique and progression in order for you to learn and show the lifts to your clients. Superb course.
Toronto, ON

Karsten is an awesome instructor. I always look forward to his courses. 
David Adams, CPTN-CPT

Richmond Hill, ON

The power lifts and Olympic lifts are like wild animals; 
approach them carefully and respectfully, or they will bite.

The three power lift and the two Olympic lifts – what some call the Big 5 - have been around for decades. However, they are increasing in popularity. 

Even though the techniques applied by competitive lifters may involve some injury risk, optimal training of the power lifts and Olympic lifts result in a very low rate of injury. 

A perceived high level of difficulty or danger may be why many strength coaches and personal trainers stay away from, especially, the Olympic lifts.  Additionally, several therapists have confided that they treat many patients with injuries related to the Big 5. Personally, I worked with an international level rower who--before acquiring my training services--broke her wrist while performing power cleans. 

Understandably, there are many different training methods. However, with my background training world class and Olympic athletes who use strength training to improve their sports performance, lifting related injuries are completely unacceptable in my world. This reason is why I chose to share a progressive approach to teaching the power and Olympic lifts.


The Progressive Powerlifting workshop is a phenomenal resourceto improve your client’s execution of the Big Three lifts. Karsten outlines many of the factors that limit performance in these lifts and provides remedies that are beneficial way before you even touch a barbell. You will gain sensible coaching cues, improve body awareness and learn the best variations to appropriately suit your fitness clients and athletes. 

Bradford Cooke, BA. Kin. 

Why I Created the FPM Barbell Specialist Program
and Why You Should Invest In It

There are many superb teachers of the Big 5 lifts available today – some of them are good friends from whom I have learned a lot. Across the world, however, what is considered good practice is occasionally tradition bound (this is how we do it in Olympic lifting) or unquestioned (this is how the world champion does it so it must be good).  Additionally, traditional courses focus predominantly on teaching you to perform the lifts.

In contrast, the FPM Barbell Specialist Program teaches both how to perform the lifts AND the safest and most effective approach for taking a beginner client from scratch to a performance level of 1-1.5 x body weight for one rep--in each of the Big 5--in 3-8 months. 

Thus, the FPM Barbell Specialist Program does not provide guidance to train for competition. Nor does it approach the Big 5 as tools for power development. 

When faced with a choice take both. – Peter Diamandis 

My father always taught me that no one is 100 percent right, and no one is 100 percent wrong. As such, the FPM Barbell Specialist program incorporates complementary--some would say opposing--approaches to training the same elements. For example, 

Powerlifting and Olympic Lifting style squats are practiced in the same sets.

A Horizontal and a vertical style of the Olympic lifts are practiced in the same sets. 

Reverse and regular grip bench presses are practiced in the same sets. 

The practice of different variations of the same movement is called variable training and is a proven way to learn new movements faster.

The FPM Barbell Specialist Program consists of
Progressive Powerlifting (1 day) and
Progressive Olympic Lifting (2 days)


Each manual is built with an identical structure based on key experiences from teaching the Big 5.

If the athlete-client does not have the flexibility to assume the different positions of a lift, then they cannot practice the lift. (Section 1)

Optimal cueing creates immediate increases in stability and strength. (Section 2)

How practising “wrong” can help the athlete-client get it right? (Section 3)

Decisions about training should be backed up by science, basic physiology or practical experience. Scientific research that helps training in the field should be highlighted and respected.  (Section 4)

Exercises should be taught based on written scripts. (Section 5)

Effective troubleshooting is critical to fast and safe progress; it is also very empowering because changes in movement patterns are often rapid and immediate. (Section 5)

Last, but not least, a supply of complete programs guide you to help your athlete-clients master the Big 5. (Section 6)


I don't need motivation. I have enough for me and my competition! 

What I needed was detailed technical advice and most importantly, experience.
Karsten provided all that for me in a no-nonsense, professional package. His soft
spoken and often understated manner spoke loudly to me. I just wanted the facts,
and I got them. 

I have worked with Karsten for over a year. In that time, he has taught me better
positioning in all three of the competitive lifts of Squat, Bench Press and Deadlift.
Not only has my total gone up significantly, I have been able to recover more
efficiently. The sessions were very productive as Karsten spoke the same language
spoken amongst powerlifters. There was no learning curve to speak of. We were able
to get to work immediately. I don't have time to waste. Every minute wasted is
training time I am giving away to my competition. Karsten understands this. Make
no mistake, Karsten is a strength coach. If you just want to get into shape, go
somewhere else. 

Hoi Leung 
Canadian Powerlifter


How do I become an FPM Barbell Training Specialist?


Get the online course (manual + videos)

Start learning today, at your own pace.

Get the on-demand workshop.

Complete Progressive Powerlifting Online

Complete Progresive Olympic Lifting Online

Get Progressive Powerlifting & Progressive Olympic Lifting


Attend an interactive virtual class
(manual + videos + PowerPoint with a live instructor)

Leverage the knowledge you already have
through questions and discussions. 

Expand your knowledge through short targeted lectures,
feedback and responses to your questions.

Apply new knowledge to assignmnets with current clients and receive feedback in follow up sessions.

See the virtual schedule.

*Don't see the course you want to attend?
Contact us
to schedule your request.


Attend an interactive live workshop (manual + videos)

Engage in a hands-on workshop that is 80% practical
application; receive immediate feedback on your form,
technique and execution of skills.

The Specialist workshops are offered in two formats:

Intensive* - one day per workshop

One-on-One* - offered at your location in a live setting (5 hrs).

Contact us for schedule and pricing

*Schedule is based on request. Complete a 
hosting request form
to schedule a course at your facility,

Amazing course that addresses all the smallest details of Olympic Lifts
for very beginners, even at public gyms. All aspects of specific warm-ups
to the highest level progression were covered so thoroughly, I can't wait
to implement them in my practice. I would definitely recommend this
course for any PTs who are seeking a more professional approach to
training and client's progressions, whether they are general population,
fat loss clients or elite athletes.
Anna NefedovaPTS, NWS, Biosignature Practitioner
Fort McMurray, AB

I would recommend this course to all personal trainers out there. 
Gritt Orsten, CHF, TFL, NSCA-PT, CHEK2 
Vancouver, BC

The Olympic Lifting Course was both educational and a lot of fun! I would
recommend this course to anyone looking to learn these great skills to
teach others effectively. 
Stefanie Bayley, CPTN-CPT, CSEP-CPT, Pn1 (PT-physio assistant)
Ajax, ON

Not sure that the FPM Barbell Specialist certification is for you?
Check out an excerpt from each manual before you make your final decision.

Learn more about Progressive Powerlifting.
Download an excerpt from the Progressive Powerlifting manual.

Learn more about Progressive Olympic Lifting. 
Download an excerpt from the Progressive Olympic Lifting manual.

Can I learn anything from the FPM Barbell Training Specialist Program? 

Take this quiz to find out! 

The questions are pulled from the certification exam and you will receive your result right away. 

There is no charge.




... An athlete or client wants a shortcut to practice the Olympic Lifts? 


#1:5 Videos that give you 20+ variations of DB snatches, DB cleans, DB Jerk, DB Strongman Swing and Regular DB Swing + a list of 10 useful facts about DB Olympic Lifts.

...An athlete or client wants to build muscle using the Olympic Lifts (after they master the lifts)? 


#2: Old School Muscle Building with the Olympic Lifts: High and Low Rep Cluster Training 


This was a fabulous course. I would recommend it to anyone that wants to teach proper technique.
Delroy Bhooms, Strength Coach

Great info and examples that I can use to improve my client’s form in the major lifts and me improve my own performance.
Ryan Couri, B.Sc.

Excellent course. Karsten is a genius.Best instructor I’ve had in 25 years!!
Joan Machin

I had a great time learning new ways to challenge my clients. I am excite to start implementing them andseeing my clients improve.
Cassandra Carlucci, Can-Fit Pro-PTS

Always enjoy Karsten’s workshops. Inspiring
and always learn something new.
Nicole + John Kounavis, CPTN-CPT

Karsten was amazing and very knowledgeable,
helped with many aspects of training.
Ephraim Cirille,CanFitPro-PTS,
Health, Wellness and Fitness Diploma

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