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"Any exercise ever performed must – in the short or the long run – improve an
athlete’s or fitness client’s ability to practice and/or compete."


I would recommend it for any trainer looking for
new insights and ideas to further their careers.
Ryan Andrews, CPTN-CPT

In The FPM Program Design Specialist MOVE BETTER module you will learn principles, strategies and tactics that will help you 

  • Feel confident in taking on new athletes as clients, even if you have not worked with their particular sport before.

  • Be clear about which exercises and type of training that will help an athlete-client move better and prevent injury in their particular sports(movement)-environment and based on their individual goal.

  • Increase athlete-client motivation by understanding the difference between a sport-specific and an individualized training program and how a sport specific program can be a waste of time.


What does it take to physically survive or dominate the chosen environment?

A needs analysis will help you train seniors (better movement in daily life), hard labor workers (firefighters, tactical officers) and athletes in sports (tough mudder to Olympic Champions). You will

  • Feel new confidence in helping new or current athlete-clients achieve new personal bests by having a more thorough protocol for analyzing what it takes to physically dominate in specific environments.

  • Understand which type of strength exercises that will maximize the effect of the strength and power training on the athlete-client’s ability to move and to prevent injury in their specific environments – Yes, seniors need strength and power too!.

  • Understand which of three energy systems the athlete-client should be focusing on to optimize improvements in speed and endurance

This video describes one of the most powerful examples of a functional needs analysis
that I have seen since I began strength coaching in 1993.

needs analysis excerpt.png


No athlete wants to sit in the locker room after
losing a game and brag about their new squat PR.

When we train an athlete-client to move better outside the gym – whatever their chosen environment – transfer is everything. The guidelines for transfer are quite clear but apparently rather unobserved by many coaches and trainers. 

Beyond Functional Training will help you:

  • Gain confidence in your ability to help your athlete-clients move better in their chosen environment by learning and applying the 8 guidelines for transfer of training effects.

  • Understand the different exercise needs of beginner and advanced athlete-clients and give them--regardless of training age --the exercise they need the most.

  • See the training of specific muscle groups and movements as an evolving story (each exercise effectively builds on the training effect of previous exercises) and help your athlete-clients achieve their movement goals at the fastest possible rate.

The guidelines for transfer points to Single Leg Prone Jack Knife as an exercise with higher transfer to running specific hip flexor strength for sprinting compared to a two legged version of the same exercise.

beyond functional training excerpt.png

Got to go see Karsten!
Mike Chapman, Yoga Instructor

Can I learn anything from the
FPM Program Design Specialist 
Move Better Modue? 

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