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The 12 Ways Efficient Personal Trainers and Strength Coaches
Give Their Clients an Effective Workout in Less Time

You Have the Ideal Workout in Your Head.

You work in a gym that sells 30-minute sessions. 

 Your private client asks for a shorter session to fit their schedule. 

 The athletes you work with have energy only for a short session after their sports practice. 

 If you can't give your clients an effective workout in less/minimal time, someone else will. 

 Do you want to attract and keep ideal clients?
 Give them an effective workout that keeps them talking about you.

How to Double the Effectiveness of Bodyweight Training Part 1+2
The confidence to create short, effective workouts.

The Flexible Periodization Method Applied to Bodyweight Training

Part 1 


Immediate gains in strength with functional muscle control techniques. 


Use friction as an added source of resistance


Combination Exercises and Two Point Loading exercises 


Self-resisted exercises-Partner-resisted exercises. 


The Power of Suspension training, thick grips, occlusion training 

Part 2 


Stabilizer activation from dynamic perturbations. 


Perfect muscle activation in each repetition by strategic touch. 


Optimizing the use of rest periods 


Optimal synergy between the warm-up, main part of the training program                and the cool down


How to systematically shorten rest periods 


Antagonist resisted training 

Each Part 


40+page manual and 40+ supporting video clips. 


15 min complimentary implementation call within one month of purchase. 


Access to one-on-one coaching (limited space) 


Excel and pursue the FPM Instructor Training level (FPM Master Trainers) 


Bonus: The 4 steps to the clients first Push Up and Pull Up.


Karsten is a well-informed instructor and does a fabulous job at
thoroughly instructing the course material.

Alicia Brown, CPTN-CPT, Olympian
Toronto, ON

 ( Photo: Alicia Brown at Rio Olympics - 2016)

All Clients Deserve an Effective Workout,

Regardless of Their Available Time to Train

We know how frustrating it can be to have the ideal workout ready
but unable to execute it due to lack of time. 

To make matters worse, sometimes the equipment available for use is limited.

 That is why Karsten created the science-based yet practical, How to Double the Effectiveness of Bodyweight Training

That is why he makes How To Double The Effectiveness of Bodyweight Training available worldwide every year.


I am so thankful to you and your teaching. I learned a lot. Before taking your
 workshop I could not imagine doing a single pull up. After attending your
 Bodyweight Training workshop I have gained a lot of strength.

 Deep Shergill
Mohali, India



Download an excerpt of the course manuals
Part 1 Excerpt 
      Part 2 Excerpt

Take the free quiz

to find out what you will learn. 


Email Karsten to ask any questions you have 
to be confident in your investment. 


Buy the course online or sign up for a workshop.

Great workshop for anyone looking to add that extra "umph" to their current program.
Big changes don't need big steps. This workshop and program is proof of that.

Stephanie Malko, CPTN-CPT
Hamilton, ON


 Do you offer CEC/CEU?

 Flexible Periodization Method Specialists hold personal training and strength and conditioning distinctions through a multitude of organizations. As such, FPM courses fees allow room for you to petition your certifying organization. 

 How is How To Double The Effectiveness of Bodyweight Training different from other bodyweight training courses?

Traditional bodyweight training courses teach a lot of different exercises or proper execution of a limited number of exercises. In contrast, How To Double The Effectiveness of Bodyweight Training focuses on 12 precision program design techniques to give clients a more effective training stimulus without adding training time.

Do I need to take Part 1 before I complete Part 2?

No. You can complete the Parts in any order you desire.

 How much time does it take to complete How To Double The Effectiveness of Bodyweight Training?

The manual structure consists of short sections. Each video has only one topic and is 2-4 minutes in duration. Thus, you can study the course in bite-sized chunks. The total time to complete the materials depends on you. 

 How can I be sure that How To Double The Effectiveness of Bodyweight Training will help me create more effective training programs?

Read the excerpts and take the quiz to find out what you will learn. Email Karsten if you are still unsure how you will benefit. Take advantage of the free implementation after your purchase. Apply for one-on-coaching if you seek extensive guidance. 

 How can How To Double The Effectiveness of Bodyweight Training help me enhance my career? 

Pass the tests for How To Double The Effectiveness of Bodyweight Training Part 1 + Part 2 to achieve The Flexible Periodization Method Bodyweight Training Specialist Distinction.

Great workshop. Attained a lot of info and knowledge.
 Can easily apply the tools I learned to real life clients.

John Collins, CPTN-CPT
Toronto, ON

A more effective workout with the
King of Upper Body Exercises

How to Double the Effectiveness of Bodyweight Training Part 1+2
 The Flexible Periodization Method Bodyweight Training Specialist distinction

How To Double The Effectiveness of Bodyweight Training course had a good balance of interactive learning, technical descriptions, and scientific teachings. I will use it in my training and in the training of others.
 Laura Gingrich, Aerialist, Trainer
Toronto, ON

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