As a professional athlete I have tried tons of different regimes in regards to strength training. Working with Karsten made me understand how it’s not necessarily about working harder but working smarter. My busy schedule does not allow for me to work two hours in the gym every day, so I have to find other solutions. 

Karsten helped me put together a program that was tailor made to my schedule, my sport and my body type, allowing me to stay injury free for the entire period we have been working together. On top of that, I feel more explosive and agile than ever before! Time spent in the weight room allows you to perform on court – Do not take it for granted! 

Peter Trolle Bonnesen
Danish National Team and European Champions League Volleyball Player

peter-trolle-3.jpg    peter-trolle-2.jpg       peter-trolle-4.jpg

lauste.jpgIn my work as a strength and conditioning coach with the Danish Naval Frogman Unit, I received invaluable support from Karsten Jensen.  Karsten’s knowledge and passion for strength and conditioning make him an inspiration for other strength coaches as well as for athletes.

Strength and Conditioning in the Naval Frogmans Unit have centered around a culture of aerobic training in the form of running. Karsten coached me to change the traditional aerobic training protocol towards a more functional approach. The change is perceived by the soldiers to be more relevant and challenging and has also manifested a significantly reduced rate of injury.  Karsten Jensen introduced a ”multiple quality block system,” and it fits our daily training perfectly.

Karsten’s knowledge and friendly personality will be missed in the Frogman Unit. However, his ideas on strength and conditioning will remain as long as I am the strength and conditioning coach.
Senior Petty Officer, Laust Palle
Strength and Conditioning Coach
Danish Naval Frogman Unit

mats-mejdevi.jpgI can warmly recommend Karsten to almost any job related to strength and conditioning. Karsten is a skilled, well-read and precise Strength Coach with a trained eye for technical skills. He is analytical and forward-thinking and confident to try new strategies to achieve even better results. Karsten is not afraid to work hard and accept tough assignments – if he gets an assignment you know it will be done; he always solves the problem. He knows the game through his years in Team Danmark and the work that is not only training.
Mats Mejdevi
Strength and Conditioning Coach - Team Denmark since 2001
Swedish National Coach - Men's Gymnastics Team 1992-2000
Master Coach - International Gymnastics Federation 1999

kennethcarlsen2004.jpgI have had Karsten Jensen as a Strength and Conditioning Coach for almost 8 years. We started working together in 1999 after I got injured in my shoulder; a long injury as it turned out. I was away from tournament tennis for 19 months. In those 19 months, Karsten helped me get in the best physical shape of my life, and that was of priceless importance for me; coming back to the ATP Tour as fast and good as I did. I believe that I have played better tennis after my injury and a big reason for that is Karsten's help with my strength and conditioning. Karsten is an excellent strength and conditioning coach, and it's very motivating to work with him. He is very professional and incredibly good at making you push yourself to the maximum.  I can highly recommend Karsten as a Strength and Conditioning Coach.
Kenneth Carlsen, 
Professional tennis player 
3-time ATP-tournament winner- 1998, 2002, 2005

danielkaratesm.jpgHaving trained in the Martial Arts for 20 years, I wanted to develop more power and explosiveness but in a manner that would be safe and effective. I also wanted to be able to incorporate my new training into my regular Martial Arts routine. Karsten not only helped me achieve my goals with some unique and practical exercises that I have now included into my regular Martial Arts training but also helped change the way I look at strength training as a whole. His insight, experience and constant desire to improve himself and his clients are second to none.  I highly encourage anyone that wants to raise their performance to the next level to talk to Karsten Jensen.
Daniel Roopnarine
Internet Business Consultant, Martial Artist

nicole-s-medaljer.jpgAs a jiu-jitsu competitor, my goals were to be strong, explosive and have high endurance. Karsten's training programs were specific to my needs, and thus I experienced marked improvements in all categories. Since 2005 Karsten has had a counselling and valued role for my strength training.
Nicole Sydbøge
World Games Champion - 2001, 2005
World Champion - 2002, 2004
Euromaster - 2001, 2003, 2005

kenneth_jonassenweb.jpgI  began working with Karsten in December 2001.  I was ranked top-16 in the world in men's singles but did not have any real chances of moving higher up. After I started working with Karsten, I managed to reach top 8 and then top 4, the most difficult step to take in men's singles, and I was able to stay there for longer periods of time. Karsten is one of the few people that, in my estimate, has had a direct influence on my success as a badminton player. This success was accomplished by working closely together to find the exercises that allow my body to perform at 100% in big events like European Championships, World Championships, Olympic Games and Thomas Cup. Through our work together I have also been able to perform at a consistently high level at other tournaments. I have, during our work together, achieved my best results, winning tournaments in Korea and Singapore.  Karsten is one of the few coaches I have met that has the same 100% professional attitude towards practice as myself. It is a loss for me to lose Karsten as a Strength Coach.
Kenneth Jonassen, professional badminton player
2-time Olympian

finntugwell.jpgI worked with Karsten for six years. With his vast knowledge about strength training and his dedication, he resonated with my way of working. While working with Karsten, I have won  3 Danish Championships in Single, the Team European Championships and a bronze medal at the Olympics in Athens 2004. In other words...I have, in that time frame, achieved top results on a level I did not have before. Before I worked with Karsten, I often suffered minor injuries that forced me to reduce my training. But with specific exercises designed by Karsten, I now suffer way fewer injuries, and my quality and quantity of training have increased. I am impressed with Karsten's ability to focus on details in lifting and moving technique; that is why he is the perfect choice to work with elite athletes who continually search for perfection.
Finn Tugwell, professional table tennis player,
2-time Olympian, Olympic Bronze medal winner - 2004
Danish Champion
Team European Champion

jesper-cassoe.jpgAs a world-class water-ski jumper I was fortunate to be able to have Karsten Jensen as my trainer from 2002 to 2004. Karsten was a superb and innovative trainer and had the passion for helping me reach the next level in my physical condition. As an elite skier I have never experienced someone as dedicated and focused as Karsten; he always gives everything he has, and he expects the same of you. I would strongly recommend Karsten Jensen to anyone who wants to build a strong and healthy body.
Jesper Cassoe
European Champion - 2003
Winner Moomba Masters - 2003
European jump record and first European to jump over 70 meters - 2002

As Chief of Sports in Team Danmark, I hired Karsten Jensen as a Strength and Conditioning Coach for top Danish athletes from various federations, including badminton and table tennis. His primary job responsibility was the individualized training of 20 international elite athletes and talented players with the purpose of optimizing their sports performance and prevent injury. Karsten Jensen has, with his integrity, very high skill level and commitment, contributed to international results achieved in the years 2000 to 2007. I highly and warmly recommend Karsten Jensen as a Strength and Conditioning Coach.
Susanne Hedegaard Andersen, CEO

The Danish Badminton Federation has worked with Karsten Jensen as a Strength Coach from 2001 to 2007. Karsten was responsible for the program design and supervision of the training of the highest ranked and the most talented players. This has been very beneficial for the players and also for me as a badminton coach. Karsten has been very inspiring in his thorough professional attitude towards his work. Karsten also contributed through challenging players and coaches in all areas of strength and conditioning. I give him my highest recommendations.
Steen Schleicher Pedersen
National Head Coach, Denmark