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As a strength coach I am always searching for new ways to challenge my players. Karsten’s program ideas have given me renewed inspiration for the upcoming year. I have incorporated some of his ideas and I am already seeing improvements in my players. I highly recommend Karsten’s work to anyone looking to improve their program.
Jose Vasquez, PT, CSCS
Strength Coach Texas Rangers

No matter how the program is created (preplanned or on the spot) or delivered (written or verbally), taking the athlete or client through an exercise program is at the core of being a strength coach or personal trainer. 

If you are like most of the strength coaches and personal trainers I have spoken to over the past 25+ years, you see good results for your athletes and clients and you mostly feel good about the programs you create. 

Still, I am regularly asked: 

  • Can you take a look at my program?

  • I work with client X and I wonder what the best way is to _______?

  • Can you design some programs for the group classes in our facility?

I Never Thought About That 

I never thought about that is a fairly common response received when I give a trainer or coach advice on their program design. The knowledge I gained over 25+ years working with world class and Olympic athletes seems to be useful for – at least – some strength coaches and personal trainers. 

Therefore, I decided to offer the FPM Program Design Master-Mind Alliance

In the Classic work of Napoelon Hill, a Master Mind is defined as the “The coordination of knowledge and effort of two or more people, who work toward a definite purpose, in the spirit of harmony.” 

In the FPM Program Design Master Mind Alliance, you and I work together in harmony with the definitive purpose of helping your athlete or fitness client achieve their goal safely and effectively. 


I use a step of the Flexible Periodization Method that asks, In how many different ways - body, mind, spirit – can the goal be improved? Together, we compare the answer to the above question with the strategies you already use and, subsequently, look for untapped potential. You do not need to know the Flexible Periodization Method. I will give you actionable, hands-on advice based on where you are right now in your education and development.

What's my next step?
How do I enter the FPM Program Design Master Mind Alliance. 

Flexibility and individualization is at the core of everything we do at Yes To Strength. 

You choose between three components of the FPM Program Design Master Mind Alliance to completely suit your needs. 

Plans include: 

  • Program design ($330 - $2200 CAD)

  • Program review ($120 - $360 CAD)

  • Skype Conversation - 60 min - $120 CAD 

Pay a $45 deposit and email Karsten today to schedule a 20-minute consultation (guaranteed within 10 business days) to discuss your needs and create a detailed service plan.

 Make the MMA Deposit

I have met with Karsten on several occasions to consult with him regarding high performance training. He is one of the most experienced and knowledgeable strength and conditioning specialists I know, and I have learned something new from every conversation we have had. If you are a trainer or coach looking to get the edge on the competition, or want to provide better service to your clients, I highly recommend you consider working with Karsten. He also has several great training resources for both personal trainers and strength coaches.
Josh Hewett, Strength and Conditioning Coach
Team Barbarian Strength Athletics

Strength and Conditioning in the Naval Frogmans Unit has centered around a culture of aerobic training in the form of running. Karsten coached me to change the traditional aerobic training protocol towards a more functional approach. The change is perceived by the soldiers to be more relevant and challenging, and has also manifested a significantly reduced rate of injury. Karsten Jensen introduced a ”multiple quality block – system” and it fits our daily training perfectly.Karsten’s knowledge and friendly personality will be missed in the Frogman Unit, however, his ideas on strength and conditioning will remain as long as I am the strength and conditioning coach.
Senior Petty Officer, Laust Palle
Strength and Conditioning Coach
Danish Naval Frogman Unit

The Power of a Good Coach 

This post is not about me, although I do in fact believe I am a good coach. It's about one of my coaches, Karsten Jensen (follow him at 

3 years ago I asked Karsten to create an assessment protocol that trainers who worked for me could use to assess my clients with while visiting them in their homes. 

I never knew what a useful tool it would be to me, personally, 3 years later. The protocol, once mastered, takes about 20 minutes, and it reveals everything I need to know in order to be able to responsibly program a safe routine for my clients. 

My most popular online training session format is 20 minutes long, so this works perfectly. It was one of the best investments I've made in my business; it is perfectly suited to an online training environment. 

Also, a few years back, I had asked Karsten to train me for a powerlifting competition. Here's where he really shines, combining the latest research into practical routines to produce real results. He was instrumental in helping me to exceed my personal goal of lifting more that 1,000 total lbs in my first competition.Karsten is a superb coach, and I'm lucky to have had his help. Trainers, if you need to up your game, look him up, and consider taking one of his many courses that are all a part of his excellent "Flexible Periodization Method." 

Good coaches produce good coaches. Thanks, Karsten, for having been in my corner until now!
Mike MacKinnon, B.Comm., MDiv., CPTN-CPT

Honestly it’s the best feeling to sit down and know EXCTLY WHAT TO DO and now I feel a lot more confident because of you, and my clients have been blown away!
Brandon Locatelli Bkin., CPT, CES, PES, Level 1 CrossFit Coach
California, USA

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