Produce Results Faster with Holistic, Individualized 
and Periodized (H.I.P.) Training Programs

I train all my runners and jumpers with the Flexible Periodization Method and their PRs just keep coming. The individual programs help them a lot and the best of my athletes are breaking into the top ten in their events in Sweden. I coach track and field in a multisport club and we are now working on integrating the FPM in the other sports, cross country skiing, bike racing, racewalking and orienteering.
 Stefan Simonsson

The FPM Program Design Specialist program offers science-based yet extraordinary,
practical tools to master the following common scenarios experienced by strength
coaches and personal trainers in their work with athletes or fitness clients.

Client scenarios: 

  • A goal that is 3 month’s to 1 year (or more ) into the future.

  • Purchase of a low number of training sessions.

  • Lack of committment to your training philosophy.

  • Lack of motivation to train or learn training techniques.

  • Improved numbers in the weight room without improvement in sport performance.

  • Initial great gains, but then a plateau is reached.

  • Too many overuse injuries. 

Coach/Trainer scenarios: 

  • Challenging client goals that are above your existing skillset.

  • Lack of time, if any, to create written training programs.

  • You don`t feel confident in your program designs.

  • No time to read, learn and grow as a coach/trainer.

Karsten's physiological and anatomical knowledge is fantastic.  We should all (as fitness professionals) strive to add this kind of scientific background to even our most "basic" of clients.
Jon Gardhouse, CPTN-CPT
Woodbridge, ON

The Flexible Periodization Method (FPM) was created by a strength and conditioning coach who had a need and desire to produce results for his world class and Olympic athletes of various ages, from 14 different sports. 

Unlike the traditional, rigid systems of periodization, the Flexible Periodization Method presents a new, flexible method that resolves all the questions faced in the process of creating holistic, individualized and periodized (H.I.P.) training programs. 

The FPM Program Design Specialist is the most comprehensive, practical, hands-on periodization option available to coaches and trainers today. The four parts of the FPM consist of 18 principles, 7 complete training blocks, how to combine the blocks and the 11 steps to create H.I.P. training programs.

The FPM Program Design Specialist Program consists of 4 levels. Each level is taught in a hybrid model of 2 days of live training + 8 hours of online self-study. The 4 levels must be completed in sequential order as outlined below, however, the workshops in each level may be completed in any order. The level specific distinction is earned by completing all workshops and passing a 45-question multiple choice exam. Level 4 requires the completion of a written assignment. NOTE: For those who live outside of the live training areas, the levels may also be completed in a 100% online format.



Periodization Simplified: How to Apply the FPM on the "Fly" 

Periodization principles are normally taught in a class room. In contrast, this is the only workshop that teaches periodization principles in the gym, through simple execise examples and application questions that can be used to prepare a program the next day!


You will walk away with the tools to help your athletes or fitness clients:

  • achieve faster results by applying periodization principles, even without written training programs.

  • achieve faster results with periodization principles – even if they only sign up for 3 sessions.

  • prevent overuse injuries by applying the GAS principle along with principles for structural strengthening and stability.

  • And much more!

You can benefit from the FPM even though you already use another system and don’t intend to make a complete shift. 

You will learn many specific principles and strategies that can be applied directly to your programs.

Periodization of
Flexibility Training 

There are many workshops available for flexibility training. This is the only one that discusses the critical concept of periodization of flexibility training in a science-based, yet practical format.


You will walk away with the tools to help your athletes or fitness clients: 

  • remove major blocks that prevent proper movement.

  • experience immediate improvements in their ability to move and increase their motivation to engage in flexibility training.

  • engage in both soft and hard core flexibility training and learn how to use each method at the right time.

  • And much more!

Needs Analysis for Sports

Even if you have never worked with a sport before, you can help your athletes or fitness clients achieve results faster with the proprietary 6-Step Process for creating an accurate needs analysis.


If the athlete’s or fitness client's goal involves moving better, you really need to administer a needs analysis. 

  • Become more confident and convincing in explaining your training ideas to the sport coach and athlete by truly understanding the needs of their sport.

  • Ensure that the strength and conditioning fitness training transfers to the sport performance.

  • Gain the confidence in taking on athletes from new sports by learning how to create an accurate needs analysis of the sport.

After reading a few books on the subject and browsing the internet I came across your book, which seemed to collaborate the majority of periodization ideas out there. After reading the first 2 sections I can say the book is truely helpful and full of exceptional ideas. I can see myself using a lot of the strategies in preparation for my own clients.
Andy Thirlwell, BA Psychology
IKFF, KBI, RKC (Kettlebell specialist)
All American (University of Tennessee, Swimming)
Former International Swimmer (Great Britain)

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Waterloo, ON9:30am-5:30pmPeriodization Simplified +
Periodization of Flexibility Training
CPTN-14, OFC-14, IYCA-8, qualifies for CSEP-14register-org.jpg

Unable to make a live workshop date?  Complete the FPM Program Design Specialist - Level 1 online.



Day 1
Beyond Functional Training: Periodization of Exercise Selection 

This workshop consists of short lectures alternated with written and practical assignments where you get the opportunity to apply these clear principles to an athlete or client that you currently work with.


You will walk away with the tools to help your athletes or fitness clients 

  • Achieve faster results in their movement oriented goals by applying the science-based rules of bio-mechancial and bio-energetic specificity.

  • Be more motivated for the training program by directly relating each exercise to practice and competition.

  • Prevent overuse injuries through multi plane exercises with the ideal repetition tempo.

  • And much more!

Day 2
Exercise Creation: Prevent injuries, build muscle and burn fat with combination exercises

You can find articles about combination exercises on the internet. However, Exercise Creation is the only practical workshop available that allows you to learn and practice the systematic principles for creating your own Combination Exercises.


You will walk away with the tools to help your athletes or fitness clients 

  • prevent overuse injuries by learning to create combination exercises that develop the deep stabilizer muscles and build structural strength.

  • achieve faster results with body composition goals by learning combination exercises that combine 
    high intensity with high volume, thus maximizing the hormonal and metabolic response to training.

  • achieve faster results in a limited time frame by learning to apply combination exercises that increase the overall density of the workout.

  • And much more …

Day 3 - BONUS!
Beyond Sets and Reps: Why Repetition Tempo is Important and How to Periodize it Using the Flexible Periodization Method
(Online ) 

The science is clear; repetition tempo dictates the training effect and must be considered in program design. This workshop is the only hands-on workshop to teach the science based, but practical guidelines for periodizing repetition tempo for faster results.


You will walk away with the tools to help your athletes or fitness clients: 

  • achieve faster results even without written training programs – by applying periodization to the repetition tempo.

  • obtain faster results by using the specific structures that simultaneously give the benefits of slow and fast tempos.

  • to modify the practice to slow eccentric or isometric tempo if s/he has a minor tendon related injury.

  • And much more!

I have only been training clients for a year and this course opened my mind to things that I had never thought of before. Karsten has all the knowledge needed to ensure that those he teaches helps their clients achieve their goals.
Ronnie Arneill, CPTN-CPT

McMaster University was privileged to have international speaker Karsten Jensen present topics on Periodization from his upcoming book to our Strength & Conditioning staff. Karsten's presentation was well-researched and backed by years of practical success. The presentation was perfect for staff from an academic institution and we look forward to having Karsten back in the near future.
Steve Lidstone - Strength & Conditioning Coordinator
McMaster University

The Tempo Matrix Course influences my training method in a very positive way. I look forward to attending more fundamental workshops.
Mani Massoudi, CPT 
Toronto, ON

Join an exclusive group of strength coaches and personal trainers who help their clients achieve faster results through FPM Program Design specialist techniques. 

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10-SEP-2017Markham, ON9:30am-5:30pmBeyond Functional TrainingCPTN-7, OFC-7, IYCA-4,
qualifies for CSEP-7
9:30am-5:30pmBeyond Sets and RepsCPTN-7, OFC-7, IYCA-4, 
qualifies for CSEP-7

We understand that many of you have attended at least one of the Level 2 workshops.  As such, we offer the Level 2 courses individually for the 2017 season. Register for one of the workshop and the exam and you will recieve the online workshop as a BONUS.



Day 1 
Maximal Strength: How To Manifest Untapped Potential for Strength Using the FPM


Day 2
Power : How To Manifest Untapped
Potential for Power Using The FPM 


Speed and Endurance: How To Manifest Untapped Potential for Speed and Endurance Using The FPM (online )


To our knowledge, the FPM offers the most comprehensive 4-step periodization of strength qualities: stability – structure – maximal strength – power or endurance available today.

You will walk away from these two hands-on workshops and one online learning with the tools to help your athletes or fitness clients: 

  • Create faster improvements in strength, speed, power of endurance through a periodized training program.

  • Create faster results – even if the client purchases only a few sessions – by identifying and using the most potent training method based on the client's training history and current goals.

  • Prevent overuse injuries and maximize performance through optimal changes in volume, intensity and progressive overload specific to the training block cycle.

  • Become more confident in your program design by applying the principles of auto regulation, cluster training and drop sets across all forms of training.

  • Prevent plateaus in strength training by choosing from all major strength training methods: drop sets, training to failure, partial training, isometric training, supra maximal eccentric training, accommodating resistance training, contrast training and pyramid training.

  • Prevent overuse injuries and maximize performance in power training by progressing from landing training, non-impact plyometrics and low position training to resisted jumps, assisted jumps and drop jumps.

  • Service a wider variety of athletes or fitness clients by understanding the common patterns in periodization of speed and endurance training.

Course dates for FPM Program Design Specialist Level 3 coming soon.



Day 1
Peaking: How to Taper and Peak for Competition Using the FPM

This workshop alternates short lectures with real life cases, covers how to combine the blocks of the Flexible Periodization Method as well as how to help the athlete make the most out of their efforts by effectively tapering and peaking for competition. 

peakingcovweb.jpgYou will walk away with the tools to help your athletes and fitness clients: 

  • Train as much as they want through cutting-edge physical and mental recovery exercises.

  • Perform when it counts through effective tapering and peaking for competition

  • Achieve faster results with an effective periodized plan for pre-seaon and in-season training regardless of their competitive schedule.

Day 2
Are Your Training Programs H.I.P? - How to Create Holistic, Individualized and Periodized Training Programs Using The FPM. 

Result-producing periodization is reverse-engineered with a complete focus on the end goal - the athlete's ability to train and compete. Only if weight room numbers is the end goal do weight room numbers get first priority. No athlete wants to sit in
the locker room and talk about their new squat PR after they've lost a game.

– Karsten Jensen

hipcov-2016web.jpgIn most major textbooks, the program design process is described on a few pages. In contrast, the 11 Steps of creating a training program with the FPM is described on 48 pages. Yet, the process is flexible enough that you can use the process in a way that suits your style of working. This is an exciting day where everything about The Flexible Periodization Method comes together in 11 steps of program design. 

This workshop combines short lectures with an opportunity for you to create and receive feedback on a program for a client that you are currently working with. Utilizing the 11-step process will allow you to help your athletes and fitness clients

  • Achieve new personal bests with a truly holistic, individualized program design.

  • Realize results faster by preventing overuse injuries through optimal cycling of volume, intensity and frequency of training in 2-3 week waves.

  • Become passionate and excited by your ability to design a training program that they understand to be a true fit for their goals and needs.

You will also help yourself to learn, grow and stay motivated by learning to ask specific questions before, during and after training sessions and program designs.

Download an excerpt from the H.I.P. manual... 
...a preview of where the FPM Program Design Specialist takes you.

Course dates for FPM Program Design Specialist Level 4 coming soon.

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