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Achieve faster changes in body composition: Combine the most powerful form of
strength training with the most powerful form of cardiorespiratory training


Great opportunity to learn new training methods. I'll take this
knowledge to my clients and sure to see great results.

Andrea Clair, CPTN-CPT, BH Pilates Instructor 

Toronto, ON

Combination Exercises + High Intensity Interval Training

are the most transformative training tactics to positively
affect body composition through exercise.

In The FPM Body Comp Module you will learn principles, strategies and tactics to: 

  • Increase muscle mass at the fastest possible rate through training 

  • Reduce body fat at the fast possible rate through training. 

  • Prevent overuse injuries. 

  • Progress a client from beginner to advanced – while keeping the training interesting 

  • Tweak exercise selection towards fitness or sport performance depending on interest

EXERCISE CREATION: How to Prevent Injuries, Build Muscle
and Burn Fat with Combination Exercises

The only place to learn the 7 Principles for creating your own Combination Exercises.

An athlete or client you work with needs an new exercise in the program to stimulate new progress and keep engaged. 

If there is an exercise already in your tool box that will do the job, that is the most logical choice. 

However, if you need to expand your tool box, where do you go? Other trainers, social media, books or courses? 

Knowing the principles of exercise creation adds the most empowering options, building on what you already know to create new and unique combination exercises yourself. 

There is tremendous power in showing a new combination exercise to a client and explaining how you created that exercise for them.

What you will learn: 

  • 3 Factors of muscle building: Mechanical tension, metabolic stress, functional differentiation/regional muscle activation. 

  • Why combination exercises is an exceptional strategy to optimize the 4 factors of muscle building 

  • How to apply 7 Principles to create combination exercises with any equipment and for any muscle group.


A faboulous way to learn new variations of common exercises with our without gym equipment. 
Stephanie Oldfield, CPTN-CPT

I have only been training clients for a year and this course opened my mind to things that I had never thought of before. Karsten has all the knowledge needed to ensure that those he teaches helps their clients achieve their goals. 
Ronnie Arneill, CPTN-CPT


Maximal Results Without the Injuries

What you will learn: 

  • Why the athlete or client should not do HIIT all the time even though HIIT is the “best way” to train (and how to cycle HIIT in and out of the program).  

  • How to help your athletes or fitness clients prevent overuse injuries from high intensity interval training by an ideal Periodization of exercises, volume and intensity. 

  • How to help your athletes or fitness clients optimize body composition and cardio respiratory training with a combination or auto regulated cluster style intervals and a metronome to ensure maximal movement speed.

Example of a circuit using the Pahlavandles.

Great course! I learned a lot about different training techniques.
Michael Dellerede

phiit excerpt

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