Produce Results Faster with Holistic, Individualized and Periodized (H.I.P.) Training Programs

I train all my runners and jumpers with the Flexible Periodization Method and their PRs just keep coming. The individual programs help them a lot and the best of my athletes are breaking into the top ten in their events in Sweden. I coach track and field in a multisport club and we are now working on integrating the FPM in the other sports, cross-country skiing, bike racing, racewalking, and orienteering.
 Stefan Simonsson

Motivate your athletes and fitness clients. Maximize their results!

The creation of a training program happens through a sequence of decisions or choices. The more you base your choices on the individual athlete or fitness client, rather than on generic standards, the faster your clients achieve their results.

The Flexible Periodization Method (FPM) is the first system of periodization dedicated to highly individualized programs.

Throughout the 8 unique modules of the FPM Program Design Specialist, you will learn hands-on, yet science-based skills to 

  • Motivate your athlete-clients to stick with their training by offering them programs that are a unique fit to their training background, physical status, objectives, and available time to train. 

  • Maximize results concerning body composition or transfer from the weight room to the sports field while preventing injuries--regardless of training background, objectives, time to train or sessions purchased.

Karsten's physiological and anatomical knowledge is fantastic.  We should all (as fitness professionals) strive to add this kind of scientific background to even our most "basic" of clients.
Jon Gardhouse, CPTN-CPT
Woodbridge, ON

Based on feedback received, Yes To Strength offers the FPM Program Design Specialist (PDS) training in three combinations, based on 8 modules, that take into account your current knowledge and specific interests. 

You work with athlete-fitness clients
with goals to ...

(including exams)


Change body composition
Modules 1,2,4
FPM-PDS - Level 1
(Body Comp Specialist) 

Move better or who are recreational athletes
Modules 1,2,3,4,5
FPM-PDS - Level 2
(Movement Specialist)

Prepare for an athletic competition
Modules 1,2,3,4,5,6
and/or 7, 8

FPM-PDS - Level 3
(Elite Performance Specialist)

Regardless of the distinction you choose to pursue, the modules can be completed

  • live or online,

  • in any order,

  • one component at a time (or as a group) with an optional multiple choice quiz/exam after each component or module. 

  • There are no ongoing CEC/CEU requirements to maintain your chosen distinction.

  • All FPM live workshops are incredibly interactive, with short introductions followed by physical or written assignments.


MODULE 1 - From Principles to Practice

Consider completing this module if you want to give your athlete-clients better training programs
but don’t have time to create written programs. Additionally, you will finish this module with
an in-depth understanding of periodization principles.

Module 1 consists of the Periodization Simplified workshop that is offered as an
8-hour intensive, two 3-hour hybrids or a 6-hour hybrid.

periodization simplified cover.jpgThe FPM expands the definition of periodization and gives you the most comprehensive
coverage of Periodization Principles you will find anywhere. 

This workshop uniquely teaches periodization theory through hands-on examples.

Learn more about Periodization Simplified.

Unable to make a live workshop date?  

Complete the Periodization Simplified online.

MODULE 2 - Preparing to Move

Consider completing this module if you want to give your client a better
movement preparation through the right warm-up and flexibility training.

The Preparing to Move module consists of two workshops.


The first, only and most hands-on workshop that
teaches you periodization of the warm-up training. 


The first, only and most hands-on workshop that
teaches you 
periodization of flexibility training.

prepare to move.png


MODULE 3 - Move Better

The Move Better module is about gaining a deeper understanding of the athlete-client’s needs
and a more effective way of choosing exercises that fulfill the needs.

nacov2sm.jpgBecome as accurate with your exercise 
prescription as a surgeon with a scalpel.

bftcovsm.jpgLearn the #1 rule of exercises selection
for any athlete or fitness client.


After reading a few books on the subject and browsing the internet I came across your book, which seemed to collaborate the majority of periodization ideas out there. After reading the first 2 sections I can say the book is truly helpful and full of exceptional ideas. I can see myself using a lot of the strategies in preparation for my own clients.
Andy Thirlwell, BA Psychology
IKFF, KBI, RKC (Kettlebell specialist)
All American (University of Tennessee, Swimming)
Former International Swimmer (Great Britain)


MODULE 4 - Body Composition

Consider completing this module if you work with clients whose primary goal is 
to change body composition in combination with cardiorespiratory health.

The Body Composition module consists of two workshops that are offered as Intensives, Fast Track or Hybrid.

The only workshop where you can learn, not only combination exercises 
but also the principles for creating them yourself.

The first and only workshop that we know of, which addresses periodization
of HIIT to prepare the athlete-client safely for this potent tool. 

learn more body comp


MODULE 5 - Strength

Consider completing this module if you work with athlete-clients whose goals
involve improving maximal strength or strength endurance.

The Strength module consists of two workshops.


The only workshop, we are aware of, that addresses
periodization of repetition tempo.


One of the coolest elements of this workshop is the unique way the
FPM determines the number of repetitions per set.


I have only been training clients for a year and this course opened my mind to things that I had never thought of before. Karsten has all the knowledge needed to ensure that those he teaches helps their clients achieve their goals.
Ronnie Arneill, CPTN-CPT

McMaster University was privileged to have international speaker Karsten Jensen present topics on Periodization from his upcoming book to our Strength & Conditioning staff. Karsten's presentation was well-researched and backed by years of practical success. The presentation was perfect for staff from an academic institution and we look forward to having Karsten back in the near future.
Steve Lidstone - Strength & Conditioning Coordinator
McMaster University

The Tempo Matrix Course influences my training method in a very positive way. I look forward to attending more fundamental workshops.
Mani Massoudi, CPT 
Toronto, ON


MODULE 6 - Power

Consider completing this module if you work with athletes whose goals involve power or power endurance.
For example, track and field, volleyball, strongman, Olympic lifting.
Coming in 2019

power manual cover

This workshop focuses on strategies to prevent overuse injuries and maximize performance in power training by progressing from landing training, non-impact plyometrics and low position training to resisted jumps, assisted jumps and drop jumps.

The FPM uses a metronome to stimulate maximal movement frequency during ballistic
flexibility training, high-intensity interval training and – shown here – non-impact plyometrics. (From a guest lecture at the University of Copenhagen)


MODULE 7 - Speed and Endurance

Consider completing this module if you work with athlete-clients whose goal involves combinations of speed,
agility, and endurance. For example, racquet sports, team sports, running, triathlon.
Coming in 2019

speed and endurance manual cover

Service a wider variety of athletes or fitness clients by understanding the common patterns in periodization of speed and endurance training.

I learned this drill from reading Tennis Magazine and practiced it in a remote
corner of my schoolyard 30 years ago. It is still one of the best speed drills I know.


MODULE 8 - Elite Program Design

Consider completing this module if you work with athlete-clients who need detailed,
long-term, training programs and peaking for competition.
Coming in 2019

peaking manual cover

This workshop alternates short lectures with real-life cases, covers how to combine the blocks of the Flexible Periodization Method as well as how to help the athlete make the most out of their efforts by effectively tapering and peaking for competition.

holistic individualized periodized manual cover

Utilizing the 11-steps of program design, this workshop combines short lectures with an opportunity for you to create and receive feedback on a program created for an existing client.

You will benefit most from this manual if you know the entire FPM system.