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The goal of Progressive Powerlifting is to help you help your athlete or fitness Client to go from absolute scratch to a 1RM lift of

  •  80% of bodyweight or more in the Squat

  • 60% of bodyweight – or more – in the Bench Press

  • 100% of bodyweight – or more – in the Deadlift 

The goal of Progressive Olympic Lifting is to help you help your athlete or fitness Client go from absolute scratch to mastery of two classical variations of the Olympic Lifts: 

  • Power Snatch followed by overhead Squat

  • Power Clean followed by Front Squat followed by Jerk 

Each course manual is 85+pages and supported by 70+ video clips. Both manuals are divided into 6 Sections.

Section 1:
Shows you how to help your athletes and clients remove the primary block to learning the three power and two Olympic lifts by improving movement specific flexibility. 

Section 2: 
Guides you in preparing your athletes and fitness clients to learn the 3 power lifts and 2 Olympic lifts faster; through simple functional muscle control exercises that introduce the key technique cues in a simple way. This section also contains the science of cueing and our most effective teaching cues collected and refined over 24 years of coaching. 

Section 3: 
Explores the synergies between the Power lifts and Olympic lifts. Additionally, variable and random training are defined. The principles of random and variable training are extensively used in the complete program in Section 4. 

Section 4:
Provides an overview of scientific findings on the biomechanics of the 3 power lifts and the 2Olympic lifts. Section 4 also explains how to use these scientific findings to create the complete program in Section 6. 

Section 5: 
Uses the cues from section 2 and provides you with complete instructional scripts of the three power lifts and two Olympic lifts. Section 5 also gives you an overview of all our best trouble shooting techniques. 

Section 6:
Provides a 3 microcyle (Progressive Power lifting) and 8 microcyle (Progressive Olympic Lifting), complete program to help your athlete or fitness client from absolute scratch to mastery of the three power lifts and two Olympic lifts.

After purchasing the course, return to and 

  • log in from the main menu using the email address and password you created when you registered for the course.

  • You will land on the materials page for the course.  

  • When you return to the site and log in, you will see a My Courses listing in the main menu. If you have registered for more than one Yes To Strength course you will see the access to all courses on your My Courses page.

Continuing Education Credits

You can earn 21 CPTN CECs for this course. A 50-question multiple choice exam must be completed and a grade of 70% or higher achieved in order to complete the course, earn continuing education credits and obtain the specialist distinction. Access to the exam will be emailed to you upon registration confirmation.

FPM Barbell Training Specialist Online

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