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How Elite Strength Coaches and Personal Trainers
Help Clients Develop Strong and Ripped Abs Using Just the Floor.

Ground Based Abs excerpt

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You know planks are effective, but...

...the client can hold the regular front plank for 3 minutes with good form. They are bored and feel it is too easy. They want a new challenge. They mention an exercise they saw on YouTube. 

How long will the client stay with you if they feel the workout is too easy? 

Do you want to attract and keep ideal clients?
Give them a challenge they can't stop talking about.



16 exercises total 


28-day specific program to follow 


Techniques to increase the intensity of regular planks 


20-page manual and 16 instructional video clips. 


Bonus 1: Top 4 Ways To Flatten The Abdominals with Walking and                             Targeted Deep Breathing 


Bonus 2: Caribbean Callistenics (8-page manual and 6 videos)


15-min complimentary implementation call within one month of purchase. 


Access to one-on-one coaching (limited space) 


Excel and pursue the FPM Instructor Training level (FPM Master Trainers)

Amazing program! Karsten has a unique style – different from other strength coaches in the market – and the exercises in the bonus videos add new life to training with suspension type equipment.
Senior Chief Petty Officer Laust Palle
PT Instructor, Danish Navy Frogman Corps

All clients deserve a challenging workout
even if they don't have access to equipment

We know how challenging it can be to come up with effective progressions if equipment is limited. To make matters worse, the internet is full of exercises that look cool, but their benefits are unclear. 

 That is why Karsten created the science-based, yet practical, Ground Based Abs.

Karsten Jensen's Ground Based abs is both effective and educational. I have been in the fitness industry for over 20years and I can honestly say that it has been a while since a core workout has challenged me in the way that Ground Based Abs did. It left me sore and aching for more. It is with confidence that I can recommend this program to trainers to better their skill-set and challenge not only themselves, but their clients as well. Thank You Karsten for developing this effective workout that can be done at home.
 Jeanette Magnoli, CPT, MES, RTS



Download an excerpt and/or take the free quiz to find out what you will learn.


 Email Karstento ask any questions you in order to be
confident in your investment.



Buy the course online or sign up for a workshop.


Do you offer CECs?
Flexible Periodization Method Specialists hold personal training and strength and conditioning distinctions through a multitude of organizations. As such, FPM courses fees allow room for you to petition your certifying organization.

How is Ground Based Abs different from other
no-equipment type courses?

Ground Based Abs is a combination of intensity techniques, breathing and new exercise variations that you won’t find anywhere else.

How can I be sure that Ground Based Abs will help me
create better training programs?

Read the excerpt and take the quiz to find out what you will learn. Email karsten if you are still not sure how you will benefit. Take advantage of the free implementation call. Apply for one-on-coaching if you seek extensive guidance.

How much time does it take to complete Ground-Based Abs? 
 The manual is structured in short sections. Each video has only one topic and is 2-4 min long, which allows for learning in bite-sized chunks. The total time depends on your learning style and reading speed, however, on average, it takes approx, 3-4 hours to complete. 

 How can Ground-Based Abs help to enhance my career? 
Pass the quiz for Ground-Based Abs, A Course in Breathing and Deep Strength, or the combined exam for the Minimal Equipment Training program. You then achieve The Flexible Periodization Method Minimal Equipment Training Specialist Distinction.

The Power of Ground Based Exercises:
Stimulation of acupressure points

The caterpillar is a warm up exercise in the ground based abs program.


 part of the Flexible Periodization Method
Minimal Equipment Training Specialist distinction

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