Through the addition of static friction as a source of resistance (added to gravity) the Ground Based Abs Program was design to provide a training stimulus above and beyond most other core training programs. 

In the 22-page manual and 16 video clips you will 

  • Learn a combination of NEW tweaks to scientifically proven and 100 year old exercises to activate a GREATER portion of the target muscles.

  • Learn exercises that emphasize both EXTERNAL looks and INTERNAL health.

  • Learn a targeted breathing technique to maximize tension while minimizing increases in blood pressure.

  • Learn a tweak to the McKenzie Press (AKA prone cobra) to release tension after workouts and be ready for the following day.

  • Learn a three day split to train the abdominals and back in all three cardinal planes and to achieve “near daily training.”

  • Learn a detailed, “simple, but not easy-to-follow” workout sheet that outlines # sets and time for all 21 workouts in the 28 day cycle – including the best ways to modify the program if needed.

Amazing program! Karsten has a unique style – different from other strength coaches in the market – and the exercises in the bonus videos add new life to training with suspension type equipment.
Senior Chief Petty Officer Laust Palle
PT Instructor, Danish Navy Frogman Corps

Karsten Jensen's Ground Based abs is both effective and educational. I have been in the fitness industry for 20years and I can honestly say that it has been a while since a core workout has challenged me in the way that Ground Based Abs did. It left me sore and aching for more. It is with confidence that I can recommend this program to our trainers to better their skill set and challenge not only themselves, but their clients as well. Thank You Karsten for developing this effective workout that can be done at home.
 Jeanette Magnoli

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