How to help your athletes and fitness clients achieve faster results by
integrating the spiritual, mental, emotional and physical aspects of training.

I thoroughly and highly recommend this course. Accessing Karsten's vast knowledge and experience in the art of exercise instruction is invaluable.
Jacqueline Zavits, BSc.
CPTN-CPT, Biomed Sc., RPC(c)

The FPM Body-Mind Specialist offers science-based yet extraordinary practical tools to
master the following common scenarios encountered by strength coaches
and personal trainers with their athletes or fitness clients.

  • No specific goal or have a seemingly unrealistic goal.

  • A "hard worker" but shows little or no progress.

  • Various excuses or explanations for why they can’t succeed and tend to back out of challenging sessions.

  • Not fully engaged during the sessions and you are looking for a way to motivate them.

  • You say all the "right things" to him/her during exercise instruction, but s/he does not seem to "get it."

  • S/he seems stubborn and it is difficult to motivate him/her for changes in the training program.

  • You can see that something is wrong with the technique, but you are not sure what to say or do about it.

  • You don’t have a lot of time to create written training programs, yet you want to help your clients achieve the best possible results (faster!).

Traditional strength and conditioning and fitness training approach the body as, primarily, a biomechanical and biological entity that also requires a good mindset to function optimally. 

The FPM Mind-Body Specialist represents the beginning of a paradigm shift in strength and conditioning and fitness by employing cutting-edge science to understand the body-mind primarily, as energy and consciousness and secondarily, as a biomechanical and biological entity. 

The FPM Mind-Body Specialist consists of two 8-hour days of training that can be attended in any order. (online or live workshops available)

To achieve the status of specialist, an optional multiple choice exam is required to be completed after both days of training are completed.

This interactive and mind-opening day alternates short lectures with written and practical exercises. You will never look at your training in the same way again. 

Walk away from this workshop with the tools to help your athletes or fitness clients: 

  • set motivating and realistic goals using the S.M.A.R.T.R. process.

  • achieve faster results by overcoming excuses with the Excuses Be Gone paradigm.

  • overcome plateaus and experience results faster by aligning thoughts, beliefs and emotions with the characteristics of the Zero Point Field – called the secret force of the Universe.

  • be more engaged and motivated during each session through immediate improvements in strength from the Matter Over Mind Protocol.

  • How to reduce fatigue and improve recovery with clever questioning.

  • 1-page client handout with 7 steps to “Train as if I already am What I desire To Be”

This was exactly what I hoped it would be and I can't wait to start using it!
- Darren Grandel, CPTN-CPT, CYS, CPRCS -

Karsten's vast knowledge is incredible.  I learned so many things I can
apply to myself, clients and life in general!

- James McKell, CPT -

Start helping your athlete-clients with the I AM Strong techniques TODAY:
How to increase motivation, change beliefs and reduce fatigue after a set. 

Download an excerpt from the I AM Strong Manual

Join an exclusive group of strength coaches and personal trainers who help their clients achieve faster results through the FPM body-mind specialist techniques. 


26-AUG-2018Køge, Denmark
Fee: $157 (CADI Am Strong registration.jpg
15-SEPT-2018Vaughn, ON9:00am-5:00pmCPTN-7, OFC-7, IYCA-4 
Fee: $249

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Unable to attend a live workshop date?  Complete  I Am Strong Online

Does it surprise you see The Art of Exercise Instruction in a mind-body program? This new version of the Art of Exercise Instruction redefines the exercise instruction process through the integration of several of mind-body concepts with the ‘classic’ physically based instruction process. 

Walk away from this workshop with the tools to: 

  • Increase the athlete’s and fitness clients motivation for and understanding of each exercise by optimal use of 4 Steps of Exercise Instruction.

  • Teach any exercise faster and be confident and effective in analyzing and correcting any movement error with a unique and systematic 6 Step process.

  • Help the athlete or fitness clients to faster results by correcting movement errors more effectively with 5 major correction movement correction strategies – including mindfulness practices.

  • Help the athlete and fitness client to faster results just by the way that you are observing them with optimal use of the observer effect and somatic coaching principles.

  • And more ...

The best trainers and coaches never stop refining the 4 steps of exercise instruction. Learn more.

Download an excerpt from The Art of Exercise Instruction Manual

Join an exclusive group of strength coaches and personal trainers who help their clients achieve faster results through the FPM body-mind specialist techniques. 

24-MAR-2018Etobicoke, ON9:30am-5:30pmCPTN-7, OFC-7, IYCA-4, qualifies for CSEP-7 
Fee: $249

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Unable to attend a live workshop date?  Complete  I Am Strong Online

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