A Course In Breathing - How to Help your Athletes and Fitness Clients
Achieve Faster Results with 15 Extraordinary, Effective Ways to Breathe for
Improved Muscle Mass, Strength or Endurance

A course in Breathing was designed to offer you science-based yet extremely practical breathing techniques to help you athletes and fitness clients 

  • Reduce stress before during or after workouts.

  • Flatten the abdominal wall

  • Improve digestion and reduce blood pressure

  • Get faster results with flexibility training.

  • Improve muscle mass

  • Improve strength and safety in strength training

  • Improve endurance

There are many resources to learn about breathing. However, as far as we know, A Course in Breathing is the first and only workshop available to strength coaches and personal trainers, where you – in ONE place – can learn strategies that cover the entire spectrum of breathing techniques - from autonomic balancing to breathing for improved strength and endurance.

After this 8-hour, 100% hands-on workshop you will walk away with the tools to help your athletes or fitness clients 

  • Reduce stress with Yin-breathing, Heart-Breathing and Alternate Nostril Breathing

  • Increase energy with Yang Breathing and spinal pump breathing

  • Improve digestion, reduce blood pressure and flatten the abdominal wall with Vacuum breathing and abdominal rolling

  • Achieve faster results with flexibility training by minimizing intra abdominal pressure

  • Better results with joint mobility training with anatomically matched breathing

  • Gain an edge in training for increased muscle mass with breathing to stimulate endogenous Growth Hormone

  • Achieve instant gains in strength and stability with French Press Diaphragmatic Breathing

  • Improve endurance with Respiratory Muscle Training Expand the ribcage (for body builders) with chest breathing

You might have heard that respiratory muscle training is a gimmick. That is NOT true.
There is a LOT of science to support its proper use.

Karsten Jensen has been my mentor in both becoming CPT with CPTN and my continuing education. His passion for life and helping his clients comes across when he is speaking with you. Karsten incorporates the whole dynamic of our beings into his teachings. The spiritual, emotional, mental and physical. This approach has kept me refreshed and passionate during his seminars. 

One seminar in particular that I really enjoyed was 'A Course in Breathing.' My favorite technique was the French Press Diaphragmatic Breathing Technique. This technique alone has helped my clients increase their core strength and lifts. I have 2 partial hernias that have not gotten any worse and in fact have healed, due to being taught this technique. Clients of mine that have suffered hernias have also had great success in lifting and core training due to this technique. With the education offered in this seminar, I have had clients do hands-on tests on themselves by placing fingers in specific areas of their core which allows them to feel the techniques working. 

I am grateful to have met Karsten on my journey through life and look forward to taking more of his seminars. Being a member of CPTN and Yes To Strength gives me confidence when working with clients. I know that the education and training I am receiving is due to years of learning and hard work. Once you work with Karsten, you will see his love and passion for the career and sport of training.I highly recommend his seminars. 
Roland Enns, CPT

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A Course in Breathing Workshop - $337.87

Continuing Education Credits 

You can earn 7 CPTN CECs for this course. 

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