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Periodization of High Intensity Interval Training:
Maximal Results Without the Injuries

Periodization of High Intensity Interval Training: Maximal Results without The Injuries was design to help you deal effectively with the following common scenarios encountered by strength coaches and personal trainers: 

  • Lack of results from interval training

  • You are looking for ways to improve your interval training programs

  • Overuse injuries from interval training.

  • Getting a beginner client ready for high intensity interval training.

Placing the hands on an elevated surface, like kettlebells, prevents the repeated, injurious flexion-extension of the low back that is normally associated with burpees.

If HIIT is the best way to train,
shouldn’t we train HIIT all the time?

Periodization of High Intensity Interval Training looks at the big question: If HIIT is the best way to train, should we not train like that all the time? The answer is a big, NO. 

“I never thought about that.” – is the common response I receive when I mention the title of this workshop. Periodization of High Intensity Interval Training: Maximal Results Without the Injuries is – to our knowledge – the only workshop that teaches how to safely get your athletes-clients ready for HIIT, how to do HIIT in a unique and effective way and what to do when it is time to switch to another form of training.

What is the best exercise for HIIT? 

There is no ‘best exercise” for HIIT. However, the best lifting based HIIT exercises are characterized by dynamics involving the upper and the lower body. 

You will walk away from this science-based yet very practical workshop with the tools to help your athletes and fitness clients 

  • get ready for HIIT training through the proper progression of exercises and intensity.

  • prevent overuse injuries from high intensity interval training by an ideal progression of exercises, volume and intensity.

  • get faster results from HIIT training by learning how to use a metronome to ensure maximal movement speed.

  • achieve maximal changes in percent body fat and lean body mass over a longer training period with a specific progression of exercises, volume and intensity.

  • achieve faster changes in body composition – even if they only sign up for three sessions – by picking the intensity zone they are ready for (80-90% of maximal heart rate or higher).

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Periodization of HIIT Workshop $281.37

Continuing Education Credits 

You can earn 7 CPTN CECs for this course. 

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