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Athletes In Pursuit of Their Next Personal Best


You are committed to your next personal best, but...

...Nagging injuries are holding you back. 

...You work hard in the gym, but don’t see the results. 

...Even though your lifts in the gym have increased,
your competitive performance has not improved. 

 You wonder if all your training will  be for nothing. 

 You feel that something needs to change.

Training Programs tailor-made to fit you,
with the guidance to make the most of them.


30 minute initial consultation 

teal-check-transparent.png2-5 hour assessment 

teal-check-transparent.pngTailor-made, long-term plan (the map to your goal) 

teal-check-transparent.pngTailor-made training programs Immediate program updates when needed 

teal-check-transparent.pngThorough instructions and supervised sessions 

teal-check-transparent.pngUnique guidance on the mental aspects of training 

teal-check-transparent.pngFollow up calls


As a ju-jitsu player my goals were to be strong, explosive and have great endurance. Karsten's training programs were specific to my needs and thus I experienced marked improvements in all categories. Since 2005 Karsten has had a counselling and valued role for my strength training.
Nicole Sydbøge
 World Games Champion - 2001, 2005
World Champion - 2002, 2004
European master - 2001, 2003, 2005

You deserve training programs that are tailor-made to your needs 

 I know what it feels like to put in the work but not see the results you expect and deserve. 

 My first strength coach job was in 1993. I have specialized in helping individual athletes with unique goals achieve their next personal best. 

 To date, I have had the privilege to help athletes from 27 different sports, most of them at the international, world class or Olympic level.


I don't need motivation. I have enough for me and my competition! 

What I needed was detailed technical advice and most importantly, experience. Karsten provided all that for me in a no-nonsense, professional package. His soft spoken and often understated manner spoke loudly to me. I just wanted the facts, and I got them. 

I have worked with Karsten for over a year. In that time, he has taught me better positioning in all three of the competitive lifts of Squat, Bench Press and Deadlift. Not only has my total gone up significantly, I have been able to recover more efficiently. The sessions were very productive as Karsten spoke the same language spoken amongst powerlifters. There was no learning curve to speak of. We were able to get to work immediately. I don't have time to waste. Every minute wasted is training time I am giving away to my competition. Karsten understands this. Make no mistake, Karsten is a strength coach. If you just want to get into shape, go somewhere else. 

Hoi Leung
In the hunt for an International Powerlifting Federation World Master's Championship



Email me to book an initial 30 min consultation.
 •Include your goal, your training back ground and your available time to train.•Express your interest in a full training package, program review (I make suggestions to your current program) or coaching on the mental side of physical training.


Pay the fee ($65) for the consultation.
(This fee will be deducted from the total,
if you move forward with a training package)


Consultation outcome for you:
Written overall path with specific action steps to achieve your goal.
You can then decide to work with me or use execute the steps on your own.

As a professional athlete I have tried tons of different regimes in regards to strength training. Working with Karsten made me understand how it’s not necessarily about working harder but working smarter. My busy schedule does not allow for me to work two hours in the gym every day, so I have to find other solutions. 

Karsten helped me put together a program that was tailor made to my schedule, my sport and my body type, allowing me to stay injury free for the entire period we have been working together. On top of that, I feel more explosive and agile than ever before! Time spent in the weight room allows you to perform on court – Do not take it for granted! 

Peter Trolle Bonnesen
Danish National Team and European Champions League Volleyball Player

 peter-trolle-3.jpg    peter-trolle-2.jpg  


How is The Flexible Periodization Method different from other programming methods? 

Traditional programming methods consist of one rigid model into which you fit everyone. However, the Flexible Periodization Method is a 5-step process to create tailor-made programs based on your unique needs. 

 Do you have any experience training athletes from my sport? 

 I have worked with athletes from 27 different sports since 1993. You can see a complete list here. I begin with a thorough analysis of your sport (a process that I teach to other coaches). Because of that, I was able to help world-class athletes to new PRs quickly. 

 Where do you conduct your training sessions? 

In person sessions can take place at a facility in Mississauga, ON, in the Greater Toronto Area. However, we can also work together in your home, outside or online. 

 What are your fees and payment structure? 

Based on the consultation, I will suggest a total training package tailor-made to your needs. (Fees are based on time spent on program creation, program demonstration or program execution). 30% of the total amount is due upon acceptance of terms; the remaining amount is paid upfront or via installments.

My "style" is to suggest exercises that will benefit you the most.

You will experience the details of any exercise I suggest for you.

I have had Karsten Jensen as a Strength and Conditioning Coach for almost 8 years. We started working together in 1999 after I got injured in my shoulder; a long injury as it turned out. I was away from tournament tennis for 19 months. In those 19 months Karsten helped me get in the best physical shape of my life and that was of priceless importance for me; coming back to the ATP Tour as fast and good as I did. I believe that I have played better tennis after my injury and a big reason for that is Karsten's help with my strength and conditioning. Karsten is an excellent strength and conditioning coach and it's very motivating to work with him. He is very professional and incredibly good at making you push yourself to the maximum. I can highly recommend Karsten as a Strength and Conditioning Coach.

Kenneth Carlsen,
Professional tennis player
3-time ATP-tournament winner - 1998, 2002, 2005

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