Beyond Sets & Reps - Online Course

To the best of our knowledge, Beyond Sets & Reps is the only science based – yet very practical course – in existence that discuss periodization of repetition tempo.

In PART I (25-page manual, based on 57 scientific references) you will discover: 

  • The CRITICAL distinction that determines the effectiveness of slow speeds.

  • The tempos that create the greatest hormonal response.

  • How to emphasize the eccentric contraction with a FAST or a SLOW tempo.

  • The tempos that are best for strength development.

  • How to use an isometric pause to challenge the athlete/client to work harder in the concentric/lifting phase.

  • The tempos to use to maximize the stretch-shortening cycle effect and thus power.

  • Three ways to use ISOMETRIC contractions to improve DYNAMIC strength and speed.

  • How to use isometric contractions to increase blood flow through a muscle to improve recovery.

  • How to use co-contraction as an added source of resistance – useful in a situation without access to equipment.

  • The best tempo to use if an athlete/client has a minor injury.

  • The best tempo and contraction type that help beginners learn difficult movements faster.

  • A time-tested system that is more effective than regular dynamic training yet maximizes safety through the use of the power rack.

PART II (17-page manual + 21 video clips showing all the tempos) you will learn: 

  • To help clients be motivated for the tempo changes by learning WHY repetition tempo must be periodized.

  • Help clients get a great much better experience from tempo prescription by allowing them to feel, in their bodies rather than counting in their heads, form that easily fits into the written training program

  • To help both beginners and advanced athlete-clients to faster result by understanding how the ideal tempos differ based on training age.

  • Be able quickly pick the right tempo for a large variety of scenarios (hypertrophy, strength, etc.) from our three different Tempo Matrices 

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Continuing Education Credits

You can earn 7 CPTN CECs for this course. A 30-question multiple choice quiz must be completed and a grade of 70% or higher achieved in order to complete the course and earn continuing education credits. To access the quiz, log on to the Examinations page on and find the quiz listing for this course. (additional fee applies)

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