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How to use the Flexible Periodization Method on the Fly


When I started reading about periodization more than 20 years ago, there was a big gap between the theory in the books and the practical application. 
The New Flexible Periodization Method closes that gap.

-Karsten Jensen-

What do you do when an athlete or client hits a plateau?

You are aleady applying Periodization to your program,
but could you improve?

When an athlete-client hits a plateau, one or more program variables must be changed to stimulate new progress. 

This is where Periodization comes into play. 

When you make a change to a training program, there is a new period, and you have in fact applied periodization. 

With the above info in mind, the question is not, “Can - or should - I apply periodization to my training programs?” 

The questions to ask are:

  • How am I applying periodization to my training programs?

  • What results am I getting? 

The Flexible Periodization Method is one of 3 complete systems of Periodization in the world today, and the first holistic system of Periodization that is dedicated to highly individualized training programs. 

The Flexible Periodization Method solves 6 major problems experienced with traditional systems of Periodization. Specifically, Periodization Simplified addresses the following situations: 

  • You would you like to apply Periodization to your training programs but feel that it is too time consuming. 

  • You have read Periodization Theory but you are not sure about how to apply the principles in a practical setting.

  • You learn more by trying new strategies on your own body. 

Periodization Simplified is the first workshop to teach Periodization principles through demonstrations and hands-on examples.

Periodization Simplified is the first workshop to teach Periodization principles through demonstrations and hands on examples. 

Each of the 18 principles of the Flexible Periodization Method is deeply rooted in science. There are 200 references covering the 108 pages of the manual. 

At the end of the description of each principle, you work on simple application questions that can be use to create your next program.  

Walk away from Periodization Simplified with the tools to help your athlete-client: 

  • achieve faster results by applying periodization principles even without written training programs.

  • see significant results -- even if they only purchase 3 sessions -- by knowing the optimal order of developing bio-motor abilities. 

  • prevent overuse injuries by applying the general adaptation syndrome, principles for structural strengthening and stability.

  • And much more… 

You can also benefit from The Flexible Periodization Method even though you already use another system and don’t intend to make a complete shift.



DATE: Saturday, September 28, 2019
: 9:30AM-5:30PM
: XMFitness - Toronto, ON


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