Periodization of Maximal Strength Online

To our knowledge, the FPM offers the most comprehensive 4-step Periodization of strength qualities: stability – structure – maximal strength – power or endurance that is available today.

This 140 page manual manual alone gives a complete description of all programs, principles, etcetera. 

  • Create faster improvements in the various qualities of strength through a periodized training program.

  • Create faster results – even if the client purchases only a few sessions – by identifying and using the most potent training method based on the client's training history and current goals.

  • Prevent overuse injuries and maximize performance through optimal changes in volume, intensity and progressive overload specific to the training block.

  • Become more confident in your program design by applying the principles of auto regulation, cluster training and drop sets.

  • Prevent plateaus in strength training by choosing from all major strength training methods: drop sets, training to failure, partial training, isometric training, supra maximal eccentric training, accommodating resistance training, contrast training and pyramid training.

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