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Faster Results Through Holistic, Individualized and Periodized Training Programs

I train all my runners and jumpers with the Flexible Periodization Method and their PRs just keep coming. The individual programs help them a lot and the best of my athletes are breaking into the top ten in their events in Sweden. I coach track and field in a multisport club and we are now working on integrating the FPM in the other sports, cross-country skiing, bike racing, racewalking, and orienteering.
Stefan Simonsson

Do you work with athletes, including fitness 
competitors or tactical personnel, whose goal is to compete or pass a physical test on a specific date?

Traditional systems of Periodization have been critizied for being too rigid. In contrast, The Flexible Periodization Method (FPM) is the first system of periodization that is dedicated to highly individualized programs

With The FPM Program Design Specialist - Elite Performance distinction you will help your athletes maximize performance by: 

  • Motivating them to stick with the training program by offering programs that are a unique fit to their training background, physical status, onjectives and available time to train.

  • Preventing overuse injuries and maximize their ability to move in their chosen environment through optimal exercise selection and variation.

  • Moving quickly through plateaus via a systematic variation and progression of exercises, volume, intensity and training methods.

  • Peak at the right time through an individualized tapering and peaking process.

How to Become an
FPM Program Design Specialist - Elite Performance?

  • Complete the individual workshops and modules below in your preferred order (live or online). Note: You may choose between the Power or the Speed and Endurance Module based on your interests.

  • Achieve the distinction of FPM-PDS (Elite Performance) by passing the associated multiple choice exam - There are no ongoing CEC/CEU requirements to maintain the chosen distinction.

  • All workshops are incredibly interactive: We work with the material through examples that are chosen by you. You basically get to prepare your next program. (Sweet!) 

The Principles, strategies and tactics of The Flexible Periodization Method can be easily integrated regardless of your current way of working.

From Principles to Practice

Increased clarity and confidence in your program design by experiencing
Periodization Principles through practical examples.



Preparing to Move

Help your clients prepare to move better in their chosen environment through highly individualized 
warm up and flexibility training programs that are a unique fit to their needs.


The first, only and most hands-on workshop that
teaches you periodization of the warm-up training. 


The first, only and most hands-on workshop that
teaches you 
periodization of flexibility training.

prepare to move.png

Move Better

Learn the rules of exercise selection that ensure what you do with your client INside the gym 
increase their ability to move in the chosen environment OUTside the gym.

nacov2sm.jpgBecome as accurate with your exercise 
prescription as a surgeon with a scalpel.

bftcovsm.jpgLearn the #1 rule of exercises selection
for any athlete or fitness client.


Body Composition

Learn Combination Exercises and HIIT to prevent injuries, optimize body composition
and endurance specific to the sport environment.

The only workshop where you can learn, not only combination exercises 
but also the principles for creating them yourself.

The first and only workshop that we know of, which addresses periodization
of HIIT to prepare the athlete-client safely for this potent tool. 

learn more body comp


Improvement in maximal strength (in the right exercises) + Practice sport/activity
= increase in power, speed and endurance in sport/activity.


The only workshop, we are aware of, that addresses
periodization of repetition tempo.


One of the coolest elements of this workshop is the unique way the
FPM determines the number of repetitions per set.



Consider completing this module if you work with athletes whose goals involve peak power or power endurance.
For example, track and field, volleyball, strongman, Olympic lifting.


The Speed - Endurance Continuum

Consider completing this module if you work with athlete-clients whose goal involve combinations of speed,
agility, and endurance. For example, racquet sports, team sports, running, triathlon.


Elite Program Design

Learn the principles, strategies and tectics for performing when it counts +
the 11 steps of The Flexible Periodization Method. 



Note: Karsten is currently developing the 2nd editions of Power, The Speed-Endurance continuum and Elite Program design. Edition one can be found in the original Flexible Periodization Method e-book.

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