Old School Muscle Building with the Olympic Lifts
Hig and Low Rep Cluster Training

Most Olympic lifting programs focus on low rep training or peak power. The execution of some of the high rep Olympic programs tend to sacrifice form for numbers. In contrast, Old School Muscle Building with the Olympic Lifts focuses on both high and low rep Olympic lifts without sacrificing form. 

The core of this (22 page) course is a 9-week periodized – Flexible Periodization Style - program that uses a combination of High Rep Sets and Low Reps Sets of the Olympic lifts.

  • The 5 Step Scale for Rating Technique

  • How to safely miss a lift.

  • How to avoid missing a lift.

  • How to build an overcapacity in the squat with Functional Isometrics.

  • Science-based periodization for muscle growth.

  • High rep sets with the Olympic lifts - Flexible Periodization Style.

  • Low rep sets with The Olympic Lifts - Flexible Periodization Style.

  • Why your athletes or clients need stabiliser endurance (and strength).

  • Two different ways of testing for the 1 repetition maximum.

  • Activation sequences (exercises) specific to squats, deadlifts and overhead presses.

  • High rep Olympic weightlifting – Cluster style.

Note: Not all names of exercises are explained, if you have any questions regarding a particular exercise, please contact me directly.

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