The Flexible Periodization Method is the first method of periodization dedicated to helping trainers and coaches achieve faster results for both their athletes and fitness clients through the creation of H.I.P. training programs.


The Flexible Periodization Method details advanced and holistic dimensions of periodization and presents a new, comprehensive and flexible system, that will guide the approach to periodization in the future. The Flexible Periodization Method is evidence based, but also builds on extensive experience with Olympic level athletes.
Marina Aagaard
Master of Fitness and Exercise,
Part-time Associate Professor, Aalborg University Denmark


Holistic training programs help you produce results faster by optimizing ALL the factors that can have a positive effect on the outcome of the training program.

  • The Flexible Periodization Method is the only system of periodization that integrates the spiritual, mental, and emotional aspects with the physical aspects of training.

  • The Flexible Periodization Method evolves from both science and in the trenches knowledge and integrates any useful information in the training.

  • The Flexible Periodization Method integrates the use of natural elements (breathing, sun, water, earth) with cutting-edge technology.

  • Through the stepwise program design process, the Flexible Periodization Method stimulates and ensures maximal synergy between all aspects of the training program.


Individualized training programs help you create results faster because ALL decisions in the program design process are based on the goals and needs of the individual and not generic standards. 

  • The Flexible Periodization Method was built with flexible guidelines rather than rigid rules. Therefore, it is the only system of periodization that can create programs that are a complete fit for ANY athlete or ANY fitness client.

  • The Flexible Periodization Method can be used in part or as a whole, with or without written training programs. As such, it is a complete fit for your style of working.


Periodized training programs help you create results faster by preventing plateaus, overtraining and overuse injuries. 

  • The Flexible Periodization Method goes beyond the classical periodization systems by providing guidance on periodization of ALL aspects of the training program and ALL program variables.

  • The Flexible Periodization Method is a unique system on its own, which includes the capability to replicate the loading pattern of currently known periodization systems. 

  • The Flexible Periodization Method has solved the 6 major problems with classical periodization systems

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