How to help your athletes and fitness clients achieve faster results by
integrating the spiritual, mental, emotional and physical aspects of training.

Traditional strength and conditioning and fitness training approach the body as, primarily, a biomechanical and biological entity that also requires a good mindset to function optimally. 

The FPM Mind-Body Specialist represents the beginning of a paradigm shift in strength and conditioning and fitness by employing cutting-edge science to understand the body-mind primarily, as energy and consciousness and secondarily, as a bio-mechanical and biological entity. 

The FPM Mind-Body Specialist consists of two components: I Am Strong and The Art of Exercise Instruction that can be completed in any order. 

To achieve the status of specialist and to earn continuing education credits, an optional multiple choice exam must be completed.

Course #1


How to reach fitness goals faster than ever before
by aligning body, mind and spirit.

You will gain the tools to: 

  • set motivating and realistic goals using the S.M.A.R.T.R. process.

  • achieve faster results by overcoming excuses with the Excuses Be Gone paradigm.

  • overcome plateaus and experience results faster by aligning thoughts, beliefs and emotions with the characteristics of the Zero Point Field – called the secret force of the Universe.

  • be more engaged and motivated during each session through immediate improvements in strength from the Matter Over Mind Protocol.

  • And a lot more ... including how to reduce fatigue and improve recovery with clever questioning.

Course #2


How to instruct any exercise faster by upgrading classic 
exercise instruction with new mind-bdy techniques.

You will gain the tools to: 

  • Increase your athlete-client's motivation for and understanding of each exercise by optimal use of 4 Steps of Exercise Instruction.

  • Teach any exercise faster and be confident and effective in analyzing and correcting any movement error with a unique and systematic 6 Step process.

  • Help your athlete-clients to faster results by correcting movement errors more effectively with 5 major correction movement correction strategies – including mindfulness practices.

  • Help your athlete-clients to faster results just by the way you are observing them with optimal use of the observer effect and somatic coaching principles.

  • And more ...

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Continuing Education Credits 

You can earn 14 CPTN CECs for this course. 

A 50-question multiple choice quiz must be completed and a grade of 70% or higher achieved in order to complete the course and earn continuing education credits. 

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