How to Prevent Injuries, Build Muscle and Burn Fat
with Combination Exercises

Exercise Creation is the only workshop we know of that teaches you different combination exercises and how to create them for yourself and your clients.  

The course consists of a 38-page manual + 53 videos that cover the following topic areas:

  • What are Combination Exercises?

  • What are the purpose and benefits of Combination Exercises?

  • How to create your own Combination Exercises.

  • Key Combination Exercises designed for Maximum Muscle Building and Fat Burning Effect

  • Hypertrophy Flowchart

  • How to create Combination Exercises that stimulate the cardiorespiratory system

  • 8 “ready-to-use” muscle building, fat burning workouts.

  • How to integrate the Combination Exercises into a long-term (12-20 weeks) periodized training plan.

  • Finding the right start load for an exercise

  • How to breather during heavy resistance training

  • How to double the effectiveness of bodyweight training 

  • Incorporating Olympic lifts into client training

  • Tips to help your athletes and clients learn faster



After purchasing the course, return to and 

  • log in from the main menu using the email address and password you created when you registered for the course.

  • You will land on the materials page for the course.  

  • When you return to the site and log in, you will see a My Courses listing in the main menu. If you have registered for more than one Yes To Strength course you will see the access to all courses on your My Courses page.

Register for Exercise Creation Online - $135.60

Continuing Education Credits

You can earn 7 CPTN CECs for this course. A 20-question multiple choice quiz (additional fee) must be completed and a grade of 70% or higher achieved in order to complete the course and earn continuing education credits. To access the quiz, log on to the Examinations page on and find the quiz listing for this course.