Beyond Functional Training: Periodization of Exercise Selection 
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Functional training is training that WORKS. 

This workshop was designed for trainers who want to understand - through the mind AND the body - how to create the best possible training programs for their clients, by choosing exercises that REALLY transfer to their client’s stated goals. 

Beyond Functional Training will discuss 4 Principles: 

  1. The principles of exercise selection based on the movement patterns performed and muscles used by the athlete/fitness client 

  2. The principles of exercise selection based on the training age of the athlete/fitness client 

  3. The principles of sequencing (and selecting) exercises for an entire macrocycle 

  4. The principles of exercise selection that are NOT tied to any of components listed in the 3 principles above

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Beyond Functional Training workshop

Continuing Education Credits 

You can earn 7 CPTN CECs for this course. 

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