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    Use Partials to Get Your Athletes/Clients Ready for Full Range

    Amazing Should Be Normal!

    PS: The video is excerpted from our soon to be released The Tempo Matrix – How To Speed Up Gains with Periodization of Repetition Tempo.

    One Response to “Use Partials to Get Your Athletes/Clients Ready for Full Range”

    1. Karsten Says:

      However, from many conversations with both strength coaches and personal trainers I know that many of you often have very little time to prepare your athlete’s/client’s training program.
      Regardless of how much time you have to create your athlete’s/client’s programs, periodization of repetition tempo is a powerful and easy-to-use tool to create systematic changes to the client’s program.
      By varying the tempo, you change three major aspects of the repetition
      o Time under tension
      o The peak levels of muscle tension and where in the movement peak tension is generated
      o Average tension throughout the different ranges of movement – the tension profile of each repetition
      Try these two extreme push up variations:
      Super slow: 30-0-30. Start from the top. Lower yourself over 30 seconds. Without pausing in the bottom, complete the concentric phase in 30 seconds.
      While the super slow tempo can be executed safely “cold” by most trainers, a short warm up is recommended for the fast tempo.
      Fast: 101 – Start from the top. Lower yourself as fast as possible. Without pausing in the bottom position complete the concentric phase as fast as possible. The goal is to complete the repetition in 1-2 seconds.
      The super slow and the fast tempo felt quite different, did it not?
      The science is quite clear that when the tempo of an exercise is changed the recruitment of the involved muscles changes. Thus change the tempo, change the exercise.]

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