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    What I learned from the A-Team (Part 2)

    Dear Strength Coach or Personal Trainer,

    This week’s blog is a continuation of last week’s blog: What I learned from The A Team (Part 1).

    Here is part 2.

    #3: The plans used by the A-team utilize the environment and both very simple and high tech equipment.

    With my TRX and my grip4orce grips I got a great workout in my father-in-law’s driveway and on his patio overlooking the Caribbean Sea on a recent visit. But I can also use a myotest to give an athlete specific feedback during plyometric training (as described in The Flexible Periodization Method.

    If you have the chance, make a program for an athlete or client who does not have access to equipment and challenge yourself to make the best program possible. Also, think about what piece of (high tech) equipment that you don’t currently have that could make your training programs even more effective.

    #4: The plans used by the A-team require perfect timing, cooperation and trust between the team members.

    Personally, my expertise area is TRAINING, but I know that some of you may master both training and rehab or training and nutrition. However, in many cases, our athletes or clients may, at some point in time, need help from at least two different professionals (and their sport coach, if they are athletes).

    Those different professionals may have different levels of training (shorter certificate vs. Masters or PhD) and they (we) definitely have different perspectives on the training process. With The Flexible Periodization Method, all training interventions are reverse engineered based on the desired outcome as stated by the athlete or client. With this process, the outcome becomes more important than each professional or any type of training (I am not interested in having athletes spend 4 hours per week in the gym to build impressive squat numbers, if they only need one to stay injury free).

    What’s the best, simplest program that you have ever created?

    What piece of high tech equipment are we, as strength coaches and personal trainers, not using enough?

    Dedicated To Your Success,

    Karsten, MSc., Strength Coach.

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