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    Dynamic Mobility – Case Study 3

    Case Study 3: Jessi Lelliot, professional beach volleyball player.

    When I started working with Jessi in 2007 he was experiencing occasional pain from a chronic low back as well as shoulder injuries.  Jessi has experienced great benefit from many of “Free To Move” exercises and now, rarely has any issues with his low back or shoulder. Included in his program is also the three main core stability exercises recommended by Dr Stuart McGill: the side plank, the Bird Dog and the Curl Up.

    You can read more about McGill’s work in Ultimate Back Fitness and Performance 2nd Ed. Backfit Pro Inc., 2006.

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    PS: Check out the “Free To Move” Program at www.rmaxinternational.com

    PPS: A new variation of the side plank is a part of our soon to be released “Ground Based Abs” program that will be launched to our subscribers with a favourable introductory offer.

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