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    Dynamic Mobility – Case study 1

    I learned of Scott Sonnon from a small article in a magazine called Muscle Media. Pavel Tsatsouline wrote a monthly column, I believe the title was “Question of Strength,” and one month he mentioned Scott’s work with Clubbells.

    I found www.rmaxinternational.com and started to follow the articles in the RMAX magazine.  The information provided was VERY, VERY useful for my work with professional and Olympic athletes.  After a few months I also ordered the whole set of clubbells, the Clubbell book and “Body Flow” program. Recently, I have studied “Free To Move” as well as the Prasara book.

    In this month’s blogs I would like to share the specific results I have seen in athletes and clients who applied the exercises I learned with clubbells in  “Body Flow” and “Free To Move”. Also, I would like to share, how I try to “squeeze” as much out of these exercises as possible, through specific use of visualization.

    Case Study 1: Kenneth  Jonasson, professional badminton player and three time Olympian (2000, 2004 and 2008)

    When I started working with Kenneth, he lacked thoracic extension as well as hip mobility in all planes of motion. I introduced Kenneth to the “Spinal Rock” and the “Shin Box Shift.” Kenneth was, at the time, a seasoned professional and very aware of which exercises provided a benefit for him and which exercises did not. He quickly felt a benefit from “Spinal Rock” and the “Shin Box Shift.” The Spinal Rock helped him increase the velocity of his smash (a stroke used to attack in badminton) and the “Shin Box Shift” helped his movement speed on the court.

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    PS: Make sure to catch case study 2 in next week’s blog.

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