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    One thing Einstein has taught me

    Dear Strength Coach and personal Trainer,

    Last week I told you about a customer who was frustrated with our planning and programming sheets.

    The customer found that the sheets were “useless”.

    That is interesting, because it is the exact same sheets that I have used for more than 10 years, to plan and create long-term training programs for world class and Olympic athletes.

    The only difference in the sheets we are selling and the sheets I personally use, is that each column is carefully explained in the version that we sell.

    (I love the comment boxes in the Excel worksheets!)

    I am interested to know how much time this customer spent trying to “get to know” these sheets.

    5 minutes? 30 minutes? 1 hour? 2 hours?

    I compare creating a long-term training program to walking to the mall. There are many steps, but you can take only ONE STEP at a time. And if you take a wrong turn, you can walk back and resume in the right direction.

    Don’t expect to learn to properly create a long-term program in 1-hour.

    Don’t expect things to be simpler than they are.

    And here is the lesson from Einstein:


    What does this statement mean to you?

    To Your Success,

    PS: In next week’s blogs, I write about ONE THING that in my opinion distinguishes smarter coaches and trainers from “not-as-smart” coaches and trainers.

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