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    When Would You Use This Powerful Combination?

    Here is a great combination that focuses on endurance of the upper back extensors, while integrating squatting, pressing and pulling:

    Dumbbell Sots Press 8-12 reps.
    Over Head Step Up 8-12 reps per leg
    Dumbbel Bent Over Row 8-12 reps

    Where in a macrocycle would you use such a combination and why?

    How is the rock superior to a box of the same height?

    If you answer in the comment box, you will - with any other well argued answers - participate in a draw for an e-copy of “Combination Exercises” - sent to your in box, no customs, no delivery hassles!

    To your uninterrupted success,
    Karsten Jensen

    3 Responses to “When Would You Use This Powerful Combination?”

    1. Rob Says:

      Hi Karsten
      I’m a new member of CPTN (two weeks) and also new to the field of personal training but not new to fitness. I’m hoping to be able to attend your Combination Workshop in Toronto on the 22nd of this month. I thought I would give it a shot to answer the questions.

      When? I would use the combination in the strength phase of training
      Why? help the development and maintenance of healthy low back

      Rock vs Box? I would think you would have to concentrate more using a rock as it is an uneven texture

    2. Bent Over Row Says:

      Something to always keep in mind whilst doing the bent over row is to feel mind-muscle relation. One big fault that some people make is using momentum to drive the lift or they’ll employ primarily the biceps to hoist the weight. However if you want maximum benefits from bent over rows, you want to be working the back muscles that they are specially designed to target, in other words, feel the link with your lat back muscles to obtain the most from this exercise! I hope these steps help.

    3. Karsten Says:

      Thank’s for your comment! I agree with the importance of body awareness - if you perform the exercise for the strength of the movement focus on the movement, if you perform the exercise to build the muscle, then focus on the muscle.

      I agree with the notion of not using your biceps, I can’t see a reason that anyone would do that. However, using momentum can have its purpose if 1 the neutral curves of the spine is maintained and 2 the weight is lowered with control, thus providing an eccentric overload to for example the lats. and allowing the grip to support a heavier weight.

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