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    How To Get Ahead with Your Business

    Would you be interested in learning from a man who spent 20 years of his life interviewing the 500 richest men in America with the purpose of developing a system of super achievement?

    As an ambitious and open-minded trainer/coach, I will take the freedom to assume your answer is yes.

    The man is Napoleon Hill, acclaimed author of numerous books on selling and personal achievement.

    “You get ahead in life by helping others to get ahead,” is one of Hill’s main rules.

    To us, as trainers/coaches, the obvious meaning is that we are successful to the extent we help our clients to be successful.

    To help your clients succeed, treat them as INDIVIDUALS, with UNIQUE needs.

    3 sets of 10 on a pre-made program sheet and 20 minutes on the treadmill is the way of the past.

    The trainer of the future has the skills to start each programming process from a CLEAN SLATE and create a program that EXACTLY matches the needs of the client/athlete in front of him/her.

    Below is an excerpt from my soon-to-be-available book “The Flexible Periodization Method” that will teach you how to create truly individual training programs.

    “A very practical challenge that faces the trainer/coach is matching type 2 goals with the available training time, as well as constructing weekly schedules with a variety of total workouts.

    The main steps in that process are:

    1. Determine type 1 and type 2 goals.
    2. Determine training time available and/or training time needed (number and duration of workouts).

    Proceed in the following algorithm:

    A: If the selected goals match the training time available, proceed to decide upon the exact workout  structure.

    B: If the selected goals do not match the training time available, reduce the number of goals or increase the training time. Then proceed with step A.

    Regarding training time available and training time needed, the trainer coach will be constrained by or have to construct a weekly schedule with a different number of workouts.

    In order to determine whether the selected goals match the training time available, knowledge about number of exercises, training frequencies, training volumes, intensities and rest periods is required to determine the total time, on a weekly basis, needed to stimulate a specific goal.

    To your success,
    Karsten Jensen

    PS: Make sure to read our blogs and newsletters to be alerted when The Flexible Periodization Method - How to Create Long-term Training Plans for clients/athletes of any level becomes available.

    PPS: A great Napoleon Hill product is “Selling You“. In “Selling You” he teaches you how to thrive with your business in any situation. One of his strategies was instrumental in helping me achieve a skill level that allowed me to successfully help professional athletes from 8 different sports.

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