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    The Most Underused Weapon for Mental Toughness.

    Be tough!

    Believe in yourself!

    Have faith!

    Are you inspiring your clients/athletes with statements like these? Do these statements change the thinking of the client/athlete?

    Are you interested in a strategy that INEVITABLY WILL build mental toughness?

    Knowledge of how to develop mental tougness is a trademark of a skilled personal trainer/strength coach, because mental toughness is an absolute essential part of world class strength and conditioning, no matter who your clients are.

    The weapon I am talking about is bending steel - this may sound outrageous, but hear me out.

    Many of the coaches I have worked with over the years have their athletes do aerobic work (running distances) to harden them mentally, but what about bending steel instead to accomplish that goal?

    I mean, if you know you can bend steel, you know you can do anything.

    Also, think of new clients coming into the gym to gain more self confidence.

    Would you let anyone bully you, if you have the strength to bend steel?

    Would you be afraid to speak your mind, if you have the strength to bend steel?

    I am not a steel bending expert - YET! So I will give the word to Mike Bruce, professional performing strongman.

    Read his article about steel bending by clicking here.

    To you uninterrupted success,

    Karsten Jensen

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