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    How To Get A Great Workout In 15-minutes

    Most of the professional athletes I have ever worked with don’t really have an off-season. For about 45 weeks per year they participate in sport specific practice 12 or more hours per week.

    When you participate in sport specific practice 12 or more hours per week, your available time to improve strength and conditioning is limited.

    And more importantly, your mental and physical ENERGY to optimally execute strength and conditioning, as well as recover from strength and conditioning, is limited.

    As a result of the above, I often train athletes who only have the energy to complete a 20-30 minute workout. While this may be annoying to some strength coaches, training athletes with short workouts has greatly improved my expertise in providing exercises that accomplish multiple goals simultaneously.

    Years ago, it was training athletes with short workouts that led me to start using and developing combination exercises.

    “Bear Walk+Renegade Row + Clean and Press with dumbells is an example of a combination exercise.  See the video below.

    One way to get a great workout in 15 minutes is to complete 4-5 sets of 4-8 reps per segment, beginning with a relatively light weight and increasing the weight from set to set.

    “Bear Walk+Renegade Row + Clean and Press is one of 35 efficiency boosting, result producing combination exercises described in “Magnificient 35″. Click on this link to secure your copy now.

    Committed to your success,
    Karsten Jensen

    PS: Use the time you save on your training to spend more time with your wife and children, or to put in an extra half hour of work.

    PPS: In Magnificent 35 I reveal the principles behind creating combination exercises, so if you are a little creative you can create many more exercises on your own, to keep stimulating your clients.

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