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    What I learned from the A-TEAM (Part1)

    March 20th, 2012

    A few nights ago my wife and I watched  The A-Team, the newest version, with Liam Neeson starring as Col. Hannibal Smith.

    Hannibal Smith is big on plans – “There is a plan in everything,” he says.

    Planning is in my nature; if I don’t have a plan for my day (even the days off) I am not comfortable. So, I paid attention and found quite a few take home points from the A-Team that we, as strength coaches and trainers, can use.

    #1: The A-Team specializes in the “insane operations” - the operations that can’t be done.”

    Take home point: Choose a niche and define yourself with a twist that is different from everybody else. Marketing expert, Dan Kennedy, calls this “creating a category of one.” Incidentally, Paul Chek built his business that way, by taking on the clients that no one else could rehabilitate.

    What is it that you can do that no one else can do in quite the same way?

    #2: The plans used by the A-Team are very creative does not recognize obstacles.

    Take home point: We move from looking at obstacles to seeing opportunity, when we change our questioning from “IF” something can be done to “HOW” something can be done. We move from being derailed by problems to exploiting opportunity when we change our questioning from “What’s the problem?” to “How can I take advantage of this situation?”

    In University I learned that developing speed is difficult. I am gradually revising that belief as I exploit the opportunities for developing speed that exists within the mental realm. Twice I have seen IMMEDIATE increase in speed, simply by asking athletes to show me “How does the world’s fastest players move?”

    The mental realm is “the first cause” and The Flexible Periodization Method recognizes this fact in the programming process.

    If you have any experience or questions regarding  the mental aspects of the strength and conditioning process, I would love to hear from you. Please leave a comment.

    Dedicated To Your Success,


    PS: What I learned from the A-TEAM (Part2) will be posted next week – stay tuned!

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