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    Dynamic Mobility – Case Study 4.

    January 25th, 2012

    Case Study 4: Ron Greer, COO and Ballroom Dancer

    As a COO with 15 hour work days Ron Greer accumulates considerable levels of muscle tension, particularly in the upper back and neck area. The Free to Move exercises reduces his levels of muscle tension and gives him a certain level of muscle control that helps him move with a higher degree of precision in his dancing.  Ron does not have a long training background and some of the exercises are actually strength training exercises for him.

    The physical body is an expression of consciousness and the consciousness with which exercise is performed determines to a high extent the quality of and the results experienced from movement and exercises.

    I use visualization on water as well as pore breathing (1) to enhance the results from joint mobility exercises.

    Visualization on water

    The purpose of joint mobility exercise is to lubricate the joints by using movement to move the synovial fluid through the cartilage.

    Connecting to the feeling of “water slowly moving through the joint” keeps the awareness on the essential purpose of the movement and helps the athlete/client find a perfect slow pace of the movement.

    Pore Breating

    “Breathe in the Qi, not just with your lungs but through each and every pore of your skin, visualizing yourself as a greedy sponge soaking up Energy. As this force fills your being it brings health and vitality.” (1)

    Place your awareness “100 percent within the body on 100 percent of the body” with particular attention on the interface between your skin and the surrounding Qi. As you perform any exercise, for example for the knee, inhale Qi through the skin and into the knee joint. As you exhale maintain your awareness on the joint. If you keep your mind quiet, you may find that the knee “speaks to you” through (an awareness) about it’s inherently perfect nature.


    1. Martin Faulks. Secrets of Rejuvenation. Zen Warrior Exercises. Watkins Publishing. 2009

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