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    Dynamic Mobility – Case Study 2

    January 11th, 2012

    Case Study 2: Danish National Badminton Team and the Varsity Male Volleyball Team at the University of Toronto.

    One of the first exercises I picked up from the RMAX Magazine was the 4 Corner Balance Drill. At the time, I worked with a large number of players from the Danish National Badminton Team. Badminton is a widespread sport in Europe and Asia and a high number of professional players can make a living from the sport.

    Badminton is also a sport in which high level players occasionally suffer from ankle sprains. As such, I prescribed the 4 Corner Balance Drill as an ankle strengthening exercise. The exercise was very beneficial to the players in terms of reducing ankle injuries. In 2007 I moved to Mississauga, outside Toronto, Canada.  Among the athletes I have the honour to work with here in Canada, are the members of the Varsity Male Volleyball Team at the University of Toronto. They have experienced similar results with the 4 Corner Balance Drill.

    The badminton players also benefitted greatly from Head Cast, Side Cast,  Shoulder Cast, Perry Cast, Frontal Plane Swings and explosive supination and pronation drills for the forearms. While Clubbells obviously can be used in lower body exercises as well, I do not see  clubbells as the ideal tool to develop lower body strength.

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    PS: The 4 corner Balance drill and variations hereof are provided in my book, Combination Exercises. If you are interested, you can get a copy HERE.

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